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Doc of the Week: DIG!

April 15th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Sundance loves Ondi Timoner. She’s the only filmmaker to win the coveted Grand Jury Prize at the film festival twice — first for 2004’s DIG! and again this year for We Live in Public (weliveinpublicthemovie.com). She’s the only filmmaker in the festival’s history to win more than once. This week, Timoner spoke to Hulu by phone to tell us more about We Live in Public and another project she’s working on with Eliza Dushku, as well as DIG!, which is currently available on Hulu. (Look for the Q&A here.)

Seven years in the making, DIG! follows two rival indie bands, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, as they try to find success within the music industry. Though each band and their founders — Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor, respectively — have the same goals, they set about achieving their pursuits in different ways, with Timoner’s cameras tracking every clash of the egos.

Timoner says she set out to film this documentary as though it was a narrative piece, allowing the events to unfold over time. When she started filming, it was one of the few documentaries to use this technique — you’ll also find it put to use in Hoop Dreams, which was released shortly before Timoner began filming DIG! in the mid-’90s. “People looked at documentaries as though they were history lessons or like eating spinach,” she says. “They’re too good for you to be really entertaining. I thought that if I can shoot life as it’s unfolding, and recreate the serendipity, people will realize it’s way more entertaining.”

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  • There are a lot of strange comments on here.

  • Jon Arnott says:

    If you get a chance get the dvd, and watch the movies with the commentaries by the Dandy Warhol’s, and the other commentaries by the BJM. Watching the movie from 3 different perspectives really gives you a unique insight to the movie, and the bands.

  • Jon Arnott says:

    The first time i seen the movie DIG, I kept saying is that them playing the back round music? They have been the most original band I’ve heard in 20yrs. They blew me away! Then after the band gets fired Peter Hayes starts his own band BRMC and everything they do is incredible!! if your tired of the state of music now days check out this movie.

  • BMB says:

    Cool, I’m really looking forward to watching this. I like the way she shot it, just letting the events unfold. Guess I’ll get to eat my greens today.