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Calling All Joss Whedon Fans

February 19th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Have a burning question for the brains behind Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse? Now’s your chance to ask Joss Whedon for answers. See if you can get him to spill the beans about his latest heroine, Echo, and whether we’ll ever see Dr. Horrible on Broadway. Send your questions to by 9 a.m. PST on Wednesday, February 25. We’ll pick some of the best and share them with Joss.

The master of the “mushortio” has a busy schedule these days, but we’ll post his responses as soon as we can. Check the Hulu Blog for updates.

Rebecca (rebecca.harper@hulu.com)

* Remember, guys, email your questions to to have them considered.

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  • Wootles says:

    Dr Horrible rulez!!!!

  • JR says:

    I love Dollhouse but I love Boxee more. Please bring Hulu back to Boxee

  • Pointy says:

    What stories do you read your children?

  • srivikas says:

    I wish you guys aired your services in India as well..

    we are passionate video/tv series watching people as well, u know.
    there is no need to ignore India in your plans !

  • Ryan says:

    Hi Joss, I was wondering what happened during the offscreen Buffy/Angel meeting early in seasons 6 and 3 of the two shows, after she had been brought back to life? Some of my favorite scenes in Buffy and Angel are of the two of them, such as the hilltop in Amends, and I’d really like to know what happened. Also, did Buffy moving to UPN have something to do with not showing the meeting? Thanks!

  • Ian P says:

    Please don’t take this as criticism, because I am a VERY big fan, but I’ve noticed several character archetypes that seem to reoccur throughout your work. For example, Willow-Fred-Kaylee (Girls next door you hate to see in pain), Cordelia-Anya-Jayne-Captain Hammer (Tactless lunkheads), Giles-Book-Urkon (Father-figures who do what others can’t. Boyd may fit in here as well), etc. Do you actively use these archetypes and then figure out ways to make the characters unique, or is it something you do subconsciously?

  • Emmie says:

    When Cordelia died in “You’re Welcome” did she become a higher being or did she move on to that place Buffy thought was heaven?

  • Hannah M. says:

    I’d like to know if Joss plans on continuing Dr. Horrible or Firefly in any film/TV/online capacity. I know the Firefly comic is still going on, but are we ever going to see the crew fly again?

  • Roberto says:

    How come in season 2 of Buffy Spike says to Angel “you were my freaking sire” but then later on its shown that druscilla is his sire?

  • beg2differ says:

    I like the way characters on your shows often bond into virtual families. Between Adele’s “X” management style and the lack of operative self-awareness, looks like Dollhouse isn’t going there. Have you got another plan to get us invested in these folks, or do we have to be patient?

  • Cleo J. says:

    Honestly, people.
    Do y’all even READ before you post?

    * Remember, guys, email your questions to askjoss@hulu.com to have them considered.

  • RS Davis says:

    The genius of shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly was their ability to seamlessly mix the action, drama, and a healthy dose of comedy.

    Now, I’ve only seen the first episode – and I loved it – I am wondering why Joss isn’t making so much with the funny.

    Is this a conscious choice, a coincidence? Do you plan to inject more humor later in the season?

    – R

  • christine says:

    I’m curious about the relationship between a television writer and the network as well as the audience. To what degree does the network or audience influence you or change your story or plans? And how much control do you have – do you have less control in tv than you do in comics? Do you have less in film than tv? I know for example – that the WB insisted that you have Spike in S5 of Angel and introduce him immediately. To what degree did that change your story? Another example: Fox is promoting Dollhouse as a sexy action series – to what degree does that affect your story?

  • RC says:

    No time for questions. Busy downloading Burn Notice.

  • Robin says:

    Is there any chance you might one day present your shows to a premium cable network (i.e. HBO or Showtime) rather than Fox?

    Would you consider producing a full series that’s exclusively released on the internet a la Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, or Felicia Day’s “The Guild?”

  • LoveTheBoxee says:

    Hey, you should ask Joss what he thinks about Hulu cutting off support for Boxee…

  • Jon says:

    We all know that Dr. Horrible was a result of, and a metaphor for, the writer’s strike. He even says, at one point, that he wants to “Put the power in different hands.” But things didn’t turn out so well for Billy in the end. How did the tragic ending relate to the writers-strike metaphor, or did the metaphor not extend that far?

  • Jamie says:

    Why didn’t another slayer get “activated” after Buffy died at the end of season 5? When she died for just a moment or two, Kendra showed up, and after Kendra died, we got Faith. Is Buffy just completely off the Slayer radar, or did you just not want to deal with that particular plot element?

  • cheryl says:

    I hope it’s o.k. that my husband and I both send in a question for Joss?

    My question for Mr. Whedon:

    What needs to happen to convince Fox that Buffy deserves a big budget for that movie? Anything we can do, as fans?

  • Scott says:

    Based on reading your reply to the question “Where is the Buffy movie”, in recent interviews, it is my understanding that a movie is possible if Fox would come up with the budget that a Buffy movie deserves? Should we, the die hard fans of Buffy/Angel, take that as an open invitation to pick up our pitch forks and poke Fox? Would you like the fans to make that effort? For Buffy?

  • drummerjoe says:

    I would, but I am boycotting Hulu for its stupid decision to leave Boxee.

  • Tom says:

    Huge fan yadda yadda yadda.

    I’d like to ask Joss this:
    Redemption is one of the most important themes in your work. You have said in the past that we are all looking to be redeemed on some level. What did you mean by this and for what do YOU want to be redeemed?


  • Steve Prescott says:

    What musical training do you have? You obviously love music and have shown yourself to be a great composer and lyricist. Is that all self-taught or did you get some formal musical education?

  • Steve Prescott says:

    What #1 lesson about the creative process did you learn form your experiences on BtVS? Same question for three other of your works: Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.

  • Steve Prescott says:

    You and Stephen Sondheim have written about COLLABORATION in the creative process — its pros and cons. How does the collaborative process differ across media: TV, Film, Comics, and Webisodes?

  • Cortney says:

    Is it true that you were considering bringing back Oz for the last seasons of Buffy and Angel? But that you couldn’t because of budget reasons? And if true will Oz’s upcoming comic book arc use any of those storylines?

  • As a fat fan, I’ve always been eager to see more of “trailer park girl,” who appeared in the montage during Buffy’s great speech in “Chosen.” Are there any plans for her to appear in Season 8?

  • C. Skyler Johnston says:

    I know that this has been asked a million times, but enough time has past since I heard it so here it goes. When are we going to find out the story behind Shepard Book? If the answer is find out in Serenity 2 (Return to Earth) that would be ok too!

  • Donnie says:

    Oh, of course, I have a question for Joss.

    1. As an aspiring wannabe-writer, I’m really interested in how Joss develops his episodes/movies. Once you have a vague idea for an episode or a movie, how is your process then? Do you prepare the ending first and then map out every single scene in advance or do you just have a sense of where it is going and just start writing? Are there any writing tips you can give to people who want to write episodic television?

    2. I’m intrigued by the general concept of the show, but the pilot episode left me a bit cold, mostly because I felt like I didn’t get a proper introduction to the characters besides Echo. I read your original pilot script (the one that got scrapped) and really prefered it over the one that you actually decided to air. Is there a chance we will see the original pilot as a DVD extra, because I really want to see it?

    3. Are there any actresses/actors out there with whom you would really love to work with?

  • Tom Paulo says:

    HI Joss, this is Tom, you answered my question about having a script for a buffy/ angel joint movie and said no. Would you like to do one? We sure would

    Tom Paulo

  • Hi Joss!
    How are you doing?

    I know I’m probably beating a dead preacher at this point *groan*, but is there any chance that we will learn the story of Shepherd Book? Perhaps even in comic book medium?

    Also…..WASH LIVES! (right?)

    Thank you for everything that you have accomplished. Your creations are intelligent and well-loved. It even brought my little family together. We are all Whedonites and love to sit around and discuss all the little nuances.

    So thanks for the family bonding too.

  • Bubs says:

    Where do you stand on running vs. shambling zombies?

  • Kenny says:

    How much has your education at film school contributed to your works, both your writing and production aspects?

  • Kristen says:

    In Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog during “Everyone’s a Hero” when the camera cues to the “fan club” is the woman sitting next to them in the sunglasses, wig and trench coat Sarah Michelle Gellar??
    And who is the woman in a similar disguise earlier during “A Man’s Gotta Do” when Captain Hammer jumps off the van?

  • JoAnn Peeler says:

    When I found out about the crazy music and writing skills your family has, I had to wonder if there was much competition between you brothers as you were growing up. Were there any intense moments, and if so, are there any you would like to share?

  • Ben McBride says:

    You are known for creating/writing such great characters. One character, Winifred Burkle, was probably one of my favorites out of those that have shown up on your shows. What was the genesis of her character and did you come up with her or was she grown out of collaboration?

  • Jay Abb says:


    You did such a great job on Buffy regarding Willow’s same-sex relationship with Tara, and then with Kennedy. Do you have any plans for a main same-sex relationship somewhere down the line with Dollhouse?

    -Jay Abbit
    Lakewood, CO

  • Joshua says:

    Hey Joss! So are we going to see the “Cavemen vs. Astronaunts” debate appear on Dollhouse?

  • Paul says:

    1) My favorite quote from Buffy, which seemed to describe the whole core of the series was “We all have demons, but the hope I bring you is that demons can be fought.” What would you say the core of Dollhouse is?

    2) When are we getting a deluxe hardcover Fray that can sit next to my Absolute Planetary?

  • aboleyn says:

    While I have a million questions I would love answered right now for me the most pressing is how that dress managed to stay down on Eliza Dushku during the dance scenes in Dollhouse? I’ve heard theories ranging from double sided tape, adhesive spray and that it was actually two pieces. See its a hot topic of debate. So oh all powerful Oz are we on to something here or is the dress a supernatural event unexplanable to us mere mortals?

  • Craig says:

    Sorry, we’re watching boxee.

  • Sean Verigin says:

    Hi Joss,

    How do you feel about the lukewarm reaction from critics and fans alike to Dollhouse’s pilot?

  • Alexa says:

    I don’t get this place at all nd i need help plzz?!?

  • Maribeth Martell says:

    I just wanted to say how much I loved the first episode of ‘Dollhouse’ and the way Echo’s strength came through and put some back bone into Eleanor Penn, I felt it showed that Eliza was doing an amazing job. I want to ask a whole bunch of questions that will probably be answered in up coming episodes. So I do want to ask if you don’t think it would be possible to do Dr. Horrible on Broadway, I think that Commentary! Could be intercut throughout the drama in order to continually break the 4th wall. Wouldn’t that be awesome? LOL

  • Amy Saxton says:

    Hi Joss! I’m all brain-tied! This is so exciting!

    So I have these two girls, 11 and 4, and they’ve been watching Scooby-doo a lot lately. Because of you and your stance on character development and talking about it to anyone who’ll listen, I wonder to myself, “Does Joss Whedon like cartoons like Scooby-doo? Because the characters haven’t changed much over all these years. And yet, and yet they are still so very popular. Hmmm.” Oh, and… Are Echo and Adelle related? The brown hair has me wondering…

    Yeah, that’s my question to you. Of ALL the questions in this gray matter, THAT’S the one that came to the forefront.

    I’m much better at asking personal questions – Amy

  • Alan says:

    Why do you write such strong asthmatic characters?

  • Jesse says:

    Joss, I love Firefly. Tell Hulu to get back Boxee and maybe I’ll watch some more eps.

  • Mack Sullivan says:

    Dollhouse has been getting a very mixed critical reception. Do you think critics will start to warm up to it? I’m really enjoying it so far, but I understand their complaints about their being less humor, and perhaps a little less instant character development, than there is in your other shows. Thoughts?

  • Dolgen says:

    Although I’ve loved each and eveything you’ve ever made my question is simple. Will we ever see anything new from the Buffyverse on a screen again, be it big or small. The comics are awesome but it’d still be nice to see something new on a screen.

  • michael says:

    Please ask him if he’d like to watch Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse on Boxee and how he’d go about doing it? :)

  • b!X says:

    “See if you can get him to spill the beans about his latest heroine, Echo, and whether we’ll ever see Dr. Horrible on Broadway.”

    Or maybe something 1,000 other Q&As and interviews haven’t already made him answer.

  • Hello,

    My question is about Firefly and it’s something I’ve been wondering for years. At the end of Serenity, River was “learning” to fly the ship with Mal. My question is, was River to become Wash’s replacement or was that just to put her in the cockpit with Mal for that beatiful and touching monologue at the end. While others have argued that she was too crazy to fly the ship, I thought that she had basically resolved the worst of her issues with the discovery of Miranda and what it meant. Plus, it seems to me, with her precognitive abilities, amazing reflexes, and superior intellect she could be the best pilot in the verse.

    By the way, I’m really digging Dollhouse and can’t wait until the series starts hitting it’s stride.


  • Zack says:

    Did Buffy and the Scoobies know what Angel did to Wolfram and Hart and what happened to Los Angeles as a result? If not, will they find out now that Los Angeles has come back?