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Tonight: Live Stream of the White House Press Conference

February 9th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Feel like you’re a part of the press corps tonight as President Obama holds his first formal press conference from the White House — and you can watch directly from your computer at work or at home with Hulu’s live stream. Provided by our partners at Fox Broadcasting Co., the coverage starts at 8 p.m. EST and can be viewed live on hulu.com at http://www.hulu.com/live/obamapressconference or embedded on your blog or website — just copy the embed code and paste it into your web page.

Our countdown will run until Fox’s feed begins and, for commentary related to the news conference, check out Hulu’s Obama Presidency spotlight page, where you can find the latest news and humor related to the new administration.

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Last comment: Mar 27th 2015 5 Comments
  • Ron says:

    Why is it the HD shows are not updated to include more shows?

  • RJ says:

    Can you update us on when the on-demand version of the press conference will be available. The post says “shortly after…”,but it’s been about 6 hours as of this writing and still no sign of it.


  • Alex says:

    Live stream rocks! This is one more reason why I love hulu!

  • telmac says:

    Hey what are you talking about! The Hulu superbowl ad was awesome!!! I realize that this sound really cliche, but I have always wanted somewhere where I can watch full episodes of tv shows, which there were, but very few, and it was always really frustrating, and good quality video (which there was none) and someone showed me Hulu, I jumped with joy that it had finally come true, the only problems that I have are that they only have the most recent episodes, I cannot get scrubs on my mac, and I wish that the qualuty was a little bit better, because when I watch in fullscreen, it is a little grainy, especially when the show is animated, specifically family guy, american dad, and the simpsons.

  • marianne says:

    I do not care about Obama here. Or the plan….the plan will only help the crooks and losers that broke this economy. The average person will not benefit at all from this sick bail out. We are paying for it, not getting anything from it.

    I am writing to say I do not like the Hulu commercial on TV and internet. It is evil and demonic. I do not want to see snakes coming out of some guys jacket in order to freak me out. I hate snakes, and I hate the commercial