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Super Bowl (Ad) Fever

January 29th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

While the Cardinals and the Steelers fight it out on the gridiron Sunday, Hulu is hosting a competition of its own to find out which Super Bowl Ads are your favorites. The competition starts now, with a showdown between all of 2008’s Super Bowl ads. We’ll reveal the top five picks on Saturday, but the real action begins on Sunday, when you’ll be able to vote again, this time for your favorite ads from this year’s game.

Since the 2008 ads were so popular on Hulu, we decided to bring them back as we ramp up to Super Bowl XLIII. You can catch last year’s commercials here and vote for your favorites, but we’ve also created a Super Bowl Ads widget specifically for this event. You can embed this customizable widget on your blog and personal home page by grabbing the code here; we’ll swap out the 2008 ads with placeholders on Sunday and automatically add this year’s commercials — more than 70 of them — as they’re posted on Hulu throughout the game. (Webmasters: check out our Advanced Super Bowl Ads Widget, available on our Super Bowl Ad Widget page. It features an integrated video player [JavaScript required] that allows your users to watch the commercials without leaving your site; like our standard widget, it will be refreshed with 2009 Super Bowl spots as they’re posted on Hulu.)

You can vote for your favorite 2009 Super Bowl ads through Monday at 11:59 p.m. EST and will announce the results on Tuesday. And though we don’t want to bias our voters, we can’t help but note that Hulu’s first-ever commercial will be broadcast during Sunday’s game, revealing the secret behind Hulu. If you miss it or just want to see it again, we’ll have it on Hulu soon after it airs on TV.

Check back often during the game to keep up as we roll out the newest ads, and please share your favorites with friends and family.

Enjoy the game,

Rebecca (rebecca.harper@hulu.com)

Last comment: May 6th 2009 12 Comments
  • Andrew says:

    just loved the doritos ad! go Hulu we love you!

  • KW says:

    Ever since the hulu superbowl ad, the site has gotten so damn slow. I’ve been using hulu for a long time and never had troubles before. When will you guys update the server to handle more traffic?

  • Alex says:

    It’s nice to watch all the superbowl commercials since I missed the game. thanks hulu.

  • DrBB says:

    So where’s the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin? Just saw it last night on some cable station or other and it is an absolute scream–one of the funniest ads I’ve ever seen. Is it on the Hulu site somewhere? Can’t find it.

  • sylent says:

    I loved the Careerbuilder “Time for a change” spot.

  • Jeff says:

    I too want to know why the High Life commercial is not listed with all the others. I want to vote for it. It is the best idea for a super bowl commercial that I’ve seen in a long time. Why spend millions of dollars. One second and you get a billion people saying “What the hell was that?” then they google it.

    BTW the rappers name is Wyclef Jean. http://www.wyclef.com

    High Life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KJsquare says:

    Just because it’s one second doesn’t mean it’s less important. Miller High Life commercial, gets my vote.

  • Carey says:

    Why don’t you have the E*Trade Babies after the Golf (Skins Game) ad on the website? That was the best ad, and no one can vote for it!

  • les says:

    I would like to know who the rapper is on the spot that has Bob Dylan in it.

  • reid says:

    where’s the miller high life commercial. loved it

  • Bill says:

    the Hulu ad was awesome…post it so we can rate it!

  • TV Nut says:

    A billion people world wide are said to watch the Super Bowl. Sorry I just cant believe that could be true. People outside the USA just don’t like our sports that much.
    Its usually a blow out anyway and the commercials get more press post game than the game it self.