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Resolution Solution: Week 3

January 18th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

It’s the third week of getting back in shape here at Hulu. In the past two weeks, our partners at ExerciseTV have helped us focus on strength and toning and abs and core with Resolution Solution, a four-week collection of workout videos. The exercises they’ve chosen this third week can be used altogether as a total body workout.

Once again, personal trainer Holly Perkins is back to tell us about some of the exercises. And remember, if you’re new to exercise, consult your physician before starting any of these routines.

Hulu: In week three, we tackle a little bit of everything. How much time does this total body workout require?

The beauty of this workout and series of videos is that it will take less than 30 minutes to complete a full-body workout. For best results, aim for two to three workouts each week and you should begin to see results in three weeks. Imagine changing your body and seeing results in just 90 minutes each week. Try substituting 90 minutes of internet and TV time each week for 3 of these workouts. You’ll be amazed at the changes that you’ll see in your body.

Hulu: How often should we focus on total body?

Assuming that you are not performing other strength-based workouts, you should aim for two to three full-body workouts every week. For example, complete this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. On these days, you can also complete some cardiovascular exercise such as running, walking or elliptical training for a well-rounded complete program. Another option is to complete your cardiovascular training on Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday each week depending on your time availability.

Hulu: How do you suggest incorporating this workout with the fitness videos from weeks one and two?

A unique and exciting aspect to all of the ExerciseTV videos is that they can be mixed and matched for endless workouts. You can combine any exercise from this week’s workout with an exercise from week one or two as long as you alternate body parts. For example, if you select Very Sexy Arms from this week, you should choose an exercise that does not focus on the arms, such as the One-Legged Squat from Week 1 or Quick Abs from Week 2. Continue alternating exercises like this until you have selected six to eight different exercises. The rule of thumb is to alternate through all of the major body parts: legs, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders, chest, back, and abs/core. It is appropriate to choose two different exercises for the same body part as long as they don’t follow each other in the workout. Try it. It’s a liberating and creative approach to exercise.

Hulu: What kind of equipment/gear is needed this week?

An exercise mat or comfortable flooring, 3- to 8-pound dumbbells, and a willingness to work learn something new and work hard!

Hulu: Who are these exercises targeted toward?

These exercises are suitable for all levels: Beginners should start slow, learn the exercises and progress over a few weeks using little or no weight. Advanced exercisers can add 5- to 10-pound dumbbells where appropriate and complete additional sets of these workouts and exercises. Start conservatively for a week or two, then progress to higher-weighted dumbbells when the exercises begin to feel easy.

Hulu: What’s the secret to the Belly Bulge Blast?

The secret to the Belly Bulge Blastis to work very hard for perfect technique. Listen to Cindy’s directions and notice the alignment from knees to shoulders. Perfect form and technique is the secret to almost all exercises. Any plank exercise is a little challenging, so practice and refine your movement so that it is precise. If you can do this, and draw inward with your abdominals, you will find this exercise to be your new secret weapon.

Hulu: What about the Quick Fix Butt Lift?

The secret to the Quick Fix Butt Lift is to be certain to keep your hips raised high. In general, your hips should be raised so that they are in line with the knees. At the top of the movement, look downward towards your hips. Your hips should be in line with the knees or slightly below. This alignment causes full contraction of the gluteal muscles while simultaneously stretching and opening the front of the hips. Performing this movement with the hips high will also cause you to engage the high hamstrings — the key to that nice separation of the butt and thighs.

Hulu: The Full Body workout recommends a “plyo” for better results. What is it? How does it work?

A plyometric movement or “plyo” is when a muscle group is loaded in a preparation phase before it is contracted in the action phase. A simple example is a squat jump similar to Cindy’s in the Full Body video. In the preparation phase, you will be lowering slightly so that when you jump up (action phase), you will have more explosive power. Plyometric movements challenge the muscular system in a new, unfamiliar way, causing rapid fitness progress and an increase in explosive power. This movement is excellent for athletes and runners.

Hulu: What’s your favorite workout from this week?

I use all of the movements from the Toned Triceps workout with Jenna Phillips when I am training one of my female celeb clients.

And there you have it We’ll have one more Q&A with Holly next Monday as we embark on the fourth and final week of Resolution Solution. Check back for more of her great insight!

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