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January 16th, 2009 by David Faustino Actor, Star-ving

Today’s guest blogger is a familiar face to anyone who watched Married… with Children in the late ’80s/early ’90s. David Faustino, who played Bud Bundy on that show, stars in the new web series Star-ving, which is now available on Hulu. Below, Faustino tells us about the show in his own words. -Rebecca, Hulu

So my writing partners and I were sitting around one day, kind of frustrated… tired… beaten up. We had been working on several projects, many of which were still in the “very close” stage. My house in Hollywood was our work space. Whenever we could, we would get together to plot and plan. We’d walk past the celebrity tour buses that stop at my house at least 5 to 10 times a day, to Sunset Blvd to eat, have coffee and, at night, get plastered…sometimes out of frustration, sometimes just cuz it was fun… and sometimes we paid the price.

During the peak of our frustration, my friend and partner, Todd Bringewatt said, “Let’s just write this.” Here we were, three crazy bastards — oh, I forgot to mention Corin Nemec, the great, brilliant, and most certifiably insane of the bunch. Remember Parker Lewis Can’t Lose? Neither do we. Well anyway, he was Parker. And then there was me — crazy, short-ass me, having grown up on the set of Married with Children, literally in almost every home in America for over 10 years. You’ll get a taste of what that’s like from watching Star-ving, but suffice to say, IT F*#KS YOU UP.

We had the opportunity to expose and exaggerate the real life, funny-ass crap we were actually going through. Both Corin and I had been getting reality-show offers for years and always tried to turn them down. Once or twice the money offers got the best of us (Celebrity Boot Camp, Celebrity Spelling Bee… I know, I know). We didn’t want to do any more reality shows and let them take all the money and credit for exposing our screwed-up lives. We wanted to tell the story the way we wanted to tell the story. And trust me, it ain’t always pretty.

Crackle, Sony Pictures Television’s entertainment website, loved our pilot and ordered 13 episodes… or, webisodes. Huh? Us and the Internet?! A match made in heaven. Now armed with Sam Kass, a three-time Emmy winner for writing and producing on Seinfeld, we went to work on writing the entire series. I don’t think anybody quite expected what came out of those writing sessions — the most self-deprecating, brutally-honest, over-the-top, offensive, shockingly-funny material possibly ever written.

Shooting was great, funny, scary, and at times, a disaster. The first thing we shot was the “Married… with Children, the Movie” episode [available soon], starring the whole damn Bundy family, Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, me and even a Buck-the-Dog look-a-like (the real Buck has been dead for a long time). We had an Entertainment Tonight camera crew shooting and conducting interviews all day. Everyone was working for a fraction of what they’re usually paid, so we at least wanted it to be a pleasant experience and to go somewhat smooth. And it did. In the following weeks we had guest stars Seth Green, Ed Asner, Gilbert Gottfried, Coolio, Alan Thicke, Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold, Darius McCrary, Kato Kaelin and others — all in situations I was shocked they’d agreed to.

So here we are. The first three episodes premiere today, with more coming every Friday. I sincerely hope you enjoy our edgy, raunchy, out-there, in-your-face, at times offensive, and (we think) shockingly funny show. We only ask that when you laugh, you tell a friend. Here it is…

David Faustino

Last comment: Dec 14th 2009 30 Comments
  • Phillip says:


    This is hilarious and sad and brutally honest. Wholly offensive to everyone. Love it.

    I grew up with Bud and I grew up with Parker. (Or David and Corin, to be precise.)

    I have to ask about the music…. Do you guys work with the ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ group?

    Thanks for the entertainment and good luck with that suicide you’ve been attempting.

  • Dave says:

    So glad I found this on Hulu. Dave has always been hilarious. Had to watch every episode. Total crackup. Thanks for all the laughs.

  • Delaypat says:

    David, Dude this is awesome. I somehow stumbled on crackle when your first episode JUST came out, I was hooked and told everyone I knew about it. All these people saying the music killed it, They need to grow the fuck up. ITS MUSIC, WHO CARES!?!?! You wouldn’t stop watching a movie just because some song from another movie is in it would you? NO! This show has everything!! Keep up the good work man. PS it was great to see Eddie Winslow again!! HA!!!

  • Robin Drugstores says:

    I thought the show very amusing. I watched a couple of webisodes. Yeah they totally ripped off the music from “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, but it really goes with the show. I don’t know how anyone can forget “Parker Lewis can’t Lose”, if you watch Married with Children I think it was on right before their time slot. Anyways, Good job to David Fustino for making a funny show and getting paid doing it. Hopefully it will get longer soon. By the way, Is there going to be an episode where I don’t have to see David’s ass???

  • Rob Kelley says:

    Married with Children was Great week in and week out. This can be to Faustino is hilarious and obviously not very shy. I’m sure it will be a 30 minute show before to long. I love the sick humor. Keep it up we all need a good laugh.

  • Vincent Culp says:

    Fucking awesome! Short, but just crammed full of the ‘F’ word from beginning to end. That F word of course = Funny!

    Brilliant and crude, it’s the Married with Children of the internet age, and then some.

  • Paul Chatman says:

    I loved Narried..with children, and liked you growing up. I don’t understand all the “Sunny in PA” comments with regard of the soundtrack. It’s appropiate, and those that are making those comments should get a reality grip: this is show biz, stealing ideas is a compliment on the show’s appeal. There are times that I want to look away from the screen (like when you and Corin drank your own blood, and you washing your ass). But it’s what it is, and I accepot that. Good for you.

  • Dredpiraterobts says:

    Hey, I laughed, What the f more do you want?

    Half expect you to sayat the end of the ep “if you think this episode was funny, send $10 to David Faustino——”

    Now if I see you do that joke, I’ll want $10 for it!

    BTW, are you getting residuals from Hulu or did Ira screw up on that one too?

  • Pug says:

    The fact that you stole the music from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ruins the show for me entirely. It is kind of funny but it really pisses me off that you have the gall to latch onto the coattails of a superior show just to give yours a boost. Really pathetic. Grow up!

  • kenny says:

    david, you’re doing a great job! each episode has either made me laugh or made me grimace in disgust (still laughing, though). you and seth green battling it out for the bud bundy role was hilarious. keep up the good work cuz i am hooked! screw the nay-sayers! props to you and your team of writers and core actors and guest actors!

    oh, and it doesn’t hurt that you show off some skin about every single episode so far – you go boy!!!

  • Joel b says:

    Thanks Grandmaster D!
    Nice work. This is FUNNY SHIZ. I watched every episode of Married… and think it was one of the funniest shows ever. I had 18 hours of VHS taped straight from fuzzy network broadcast (Fox viewing positions.) It was edgy and did stuff that other shows wouldn’t have tried at the time. (thank you FOX tv early years!) This Star-ving is updated appropriately. Over the top is right. I’m looking forward to seeing more! (I’d love to provide some music!)

  • Brandon says:

    I think it’s a damn good idea and really funny so far.
    I just wish the episodes were longer.

  • Ramsay says:

    Great show and concept, I’m loving the short episodes. Lose the Always Sunny music though.

  • Lewis says:

    Not only is this show HILARIOUS, but both you and Corin make a great team-up!

  • Eddad says:

    I just watched all four episodes and thought they were great! I loved MWC so maybe that’s what drew me in, but I think it has merit on it’s own. I do have to say that some of the feelings I had during the show were Extreme Uncomfort (Parkers Crap Scene) but I think on a whole that it’s a fantastic bit of fun.

  • stevengnosis says:

    Dear David Faustino
    Are you kidding me..?!!!

    I don’t want to watch this show and see it eventually turn into a snuff film…
    are you trying to tell us that you are every bit hopeless and wreckless, Or are you a puppet without a puppet master.?

    Nothing Personal , thought it tragic that you were thrown into a world of acting at such a young age, and than kept there for so long you lost all sense of individuality. But the show is over. Move On.

    God Bless,
    Steve Gnosis & Beau Aaron Barraza


  • James says:

    David, Your show is very unique and funny.Ignore the naysayers. Nice work!

  • Willie Winters says:

    I’m glad to see web show with some actual humor. This is a great solid laugh, a well needed one. Keep up the good work, my n*gg@! (i am officially black, and will beat you with a 40 if you ever say that again) LOL

  • Dustin says:

    I just found this on Hulu and watched all 4 episodes. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Keep them coming Dave!
    By the way am MWC movie could be a great thing….

  • yo says:

    funny show. sorta reminds me more of curb your enthusiasm than always sunny.

  • Matthew Kephart says:

    Funny, funny and did I mention funny? In this day an age of PC awareness (actually crippling, God Bless Lewis Black!) we have to loosen up if only just to laugh. Laugh ya fargin iceholes!

  • Mark says:

    I really enjoyed it. Its not a ripoff of sunny in pa. Dave, keep up the good work. Ed and the stolen $18 dollars was the highlight so far.

  • Jimmy Penland says:

    Just saw the first 3 shows,DAMN funny show.Loved the acting,stories,and total concept.I gotta see the rest of these programs,keep up the great work.Thanks for the laughs.

  • Alphonso says:

    LMAO! Great Real-I-Tv!

  • David Faustino says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

  • josh says:

    I was a big fan of Married With Children… and I enjoyed Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, but these little episodes came across as a condensed Always Sunny In Philadelphia show. Not just because of the music, which really should have been avoided to ward off comparison, but its just overly offensive jokes with a lot of stupidity. Always Sunny at least does it with intelligence. But all in all its stealing that same formula; characters living a “shockingly bad lifestyle” get into strange new territory in which they get in over their heads. Really sad and its been done.

  • Paul Fisher says:

    Shocking & offensive, Near brilliant. Unfortunately compelling. Hate that I love it.

    Like David, way too short.

    Won’t miss an episode.

    Congratulations and my very best wishes for a huge success!

    Paul Fisher

  • Jason says:

    Very funny. Nicely done. I was a HUGE Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, fan. I was in 7th grade, and I had a best friend that I always pretended to worship, like Parker Lewis’ little geeky friend would do to him… Anyway, glad to see you all haven’t gone the way of the different strokes cast. I think this is a great idea. It’s not lacking in the creativity department, and at this point, what have you got to lose? Way better than seeing you on that celebrity reality TV crap.. Good luck, and may it get renewed for many seasons to come.

  • Frank Tetkowski says:

    I loved it. I just watched all three episodes. In all honestly, as soon as i saw Ed O’Neil, I had to check it out. I love that guy. The show is awesome. Halfway thru the second episode, I texted a friend of mine who I have always discussed awesome shows,(Arrested Development, Family Guy, etc.). I’ll keep an eye out for more episodes. Good luck with it’s success.