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2009 is Shaping Up

January 5th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Our New Year’s resolution? To get in shape. Our partners at ExerciseTV have made it easier this year with Resolution Solution, a four-week exercise program designed to tone things up. Week One focuses on the basics of strength and toning, with a series of exercises dedicated to shaping up legs, glutes, abs and shoulders.

If you want to join the program, start at any time — and feel free to use our discussion boards for the videos as a place to share tips and ask advice from others who have resolved to shape up this year. To get started, you will want 3- to 10-pound dumbbells, a chair, an exercise mat or comfortable flooring, and supportive footwear. The exercise videos are suitable for all levels — beginners should start slow, learn the exercises and progress over a few weeks, while advanced exercisers can add 5- to 10-pound dumbbells when appropriate, and complete additional sets of the workouts and exercises.

We asked ExerciseTV’s Holly Perkins to offer a few tips to help us along the way. Holly is the first Fitness Ambassador for New Balance and has teamed up with Exercise TV to produce three new workout videos for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She’s a personal trainer and fitness expert who has worked with Adrian Grenier, Howard Stern, Natasha Richardson and a 2008 Presidential candidate (top secret, of course).

Hulu: How often should we perform the exercises listed for Week One?

Holly: Complete these nine exercises as one total workout. Beginners should complete each exercise once and progress over several weeks to three sets of all exercises. Complete all of these exercises two-to-three times each week.

How do you motivate your clients to stick to a workout plan (and off the couch!)?

Remember: if you are unhappy and unhealthy, you’ve got to make some changes in your life. Things won’t look any different from the same couch position every night. The only way to see change in your life is to take a step and endeavor to achieve something new. Ideally, that “something” involves trying out a gym, getting outside for a walk, or checking out a new exercise class.

If we only have 15 minutes for working out, which videos/exercises should we focus on?

Women should begin with Cheerleader Legs Blast, Sexy Shoulders and Plie Squat with Limbo. Men should start with the Push Up Side Plank, One-Legged Squat and Fencer’s Lunge. The One-Legged Squat is an excellent exercise for men. It’s a challenging move that men are able to perform with greater ease than women. Add 10-pound dumbbells at your sides and you’ll have a killer leg workout!

What are your favorite quick energy boosters?

Try getting outside for just 10 minutes! Simply take a short walk around the block and you will feel incredibly refreshed. Also try drinking 8 ounces of very cold water.

Where can the typical user expect to see results fastest?

If you follow this program and complete all of the exercises as suggested — once or twice per week — you will see beautiful results all over your body. Your glutes will be lifted, stronger and tighter; your arms will be lean and defined, and your abs will more functional.

Any safety precautions?

Always consult your doctor if you are new to exercise. Beginners should start slowly, pausing the video for rest breaks. Always engage the abdomen so that your core and back are supported.

We’ll have more tips from the ExerciseTV trainers in the Hulu blog on Mondays in January. Have a question you want to ask the trainers? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share your training secrets with the rest of the Hulu audience in the discussion boards for Resolution Solution.

Here’s to a healthy 2009,



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  • rebeccahulu says:

    We’re doing our best to get these episodes onto the site, but due to network restrictions we have to adhere to a strict schedule as to when they can be shown. In this case, where we’ve missed that window, we have to get restriction exceptions from the studios to be able to post them. We won’t be taking down any episodes that we have live but we’d like to make good with our loyal viewers and post these missing episodes also. Stay tuned!

  • PB says:

    Thanks for this. It’s exactly what I need. :) I was trying to figure out how to make it one workout and the question was answered in this post. I’m excited to start!

  • Rebecca: I was watching season 6 of 24… then weeks/months passed… then more episodes. But it seems there were missing episodes in the middle, as others have confirmed.

    There are some comments in the show discussion that acknowledge a “wrong expiration” but people seem puzzled.

    To be clear, I think you all are going a great job providing an excellent service, so this one sort of sticks out.

    I mentioned this to my friend Daisy Whitney… this is her specialty. She will no doubt be contacting you. There are quite a few Hulu fans out there, so keep up the great work!

    Happy New Year!

    -Richard Walker