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December 16th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Today for Hulu for the Holidays, we’re launching two new site features: one designed to help users share their favorite HD videos from Hulu, and the other to make rearranging queues even easier.

First, videos from Hulu’s HD Gallery are now embeddable, so you can share your favorite HD videos in 720p, directly from your personal blog or Web site. While you’re watching an HD video on Hulu, click on the “Embed” button that appears when you move your mouse over the Hulu video player, then click on “copy to clipboard” to select the video’s embed code from the screen that appears. Paste the code to your site’s publishing program, and then watch in high def directly from your blog or site.

We’re launching this feature with a show that’s new to Hulu, Legend of the Seeker. Coming from the producers of Hercules: The Incredible Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, it’s an action-packed adaptation of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books. It tells the adventures of a young man, Richard Cypher, who discovers that he was born a “Seeker” who is destined to wield a mythical sword to defeat an evil tyrant, Darken Rahl. With the help of a mysterious (and attractive) woman named Kahlan and a quirky wizard called Zedd, Richard travels the countryside helping the oppressed stand up to the Darken Rahl’s armies. Shot with the exotic New Zealand landscape as a backdrop, the series has been among our users’ top requests since its November broadcast premiere. The two-part premiere episode is now available — and embeddable — in our HD Gallery; a total of six videos (seven episodes) are available in standard or high res here.

Our other new feature today allows you to rearrange the videos in your queue by simply dragging and dropping them to desired spot. To get started, simply hover your mouse over any video title, press and hold your mouse button, and drag the item up or down in your queue. Move as many videos as you like, and then press the “update order” button to save your changes. You can still rearrange the playback order by renumbering the videos using the input boxes in the “Play Order” column, or using the “move to top” arrows located next to the input boxes. Additionally, you may sort your queue by show title, expiration date or airdate by clicking on the column titles — just remember to press the “update order” button when all of your updates have been made.

Tomorrow Hulu for the Holidays brings three documentaries that are sure to inspire, and maybe even teach you a thing or two. Check back to see what we’ve picked.

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Last comment: Oct 7th 2014 5 Comments
  • Joshua welt says:

    what happened with the 720 HD why didnt you guys continue to release more content in HD

  • Melissa Derr says:

    Since the queue change from list to show I’ve had ongoing problems with my queue resulting in shows expiring because I do not know they’re expiration order. This is the detail. I do not like the view by show so I choose the list view (ever time… I wish I could set it to remain that way because I have to do it everytime. Annoying!)

    When I hit the list view everything is all right except that the save order has changed. I will then take much of my time putting them in the order of expiration dates and hit save order. However, it does not work. The save doesn’t actually save. When I log back on to hulu its all different yet again. I just had everything I had at the end of the list (expire 4/1) jump to the opening spots, i.e. 1, 2, 3…. Please fix this. I am missing shows because I cannot keep track of what expires when. Things expiring tomorrow could be at the end of the list or the middle of the list. And I do not find it.

    Prior to this change I had no problems whatsoever!!!!

  • kty says:

    Why don’t you guys just focus on your elephant-sized buffering problems, eh?

  • Mandy C says:

    I’d love to see Legend of the Seeker – please make it closed captioned!


  • david cox says:

    i dont know what you guys did to hulu but as of yesterday i can’t play any videos on my playstation3 browser. please change it back.