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December 1st, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Visit your Hulu profile page today, and you may notice a new tab: Recommendations (beta). Our Beijing team has developed an engine that suggests new videos for you based on the videos you’ve watched while logged into Hulu. At the top of the Recommendations page, you’ll notice five shows our system thinks you might enjoy. (You must be logged into your Hulu account to access the Recommendations page. To sign up for a free Hulu account, visit https://secure.hulu.com/signup.)

Below the show recommendations, we’ve listed a number of videos that may be of interest to you. If you’ve already seen any of these videos, you can mark that particular video “I’ve seen this,” or, if you’re not interested in the video, there’s a checkbox for that, too. Whenever you update your video preferences, just click the “Refresh Recommendations” button at the top or bottom of each page of results to remove those suggestions from the recommendations list. And if you would like to share your feedback with our team, feel free to email suggestions or questions to .

As the Recommendations engine is still in beta, we’re still gathering data and the system’s video suggestions should improve over time. For the best recommendations, it’s best to remain logged into Hulu whenever you visit the site — that way, the system “remembers” which videos you’ve seen on Hulu and won’t recommend episodes you’ve already seen. Give it a try now: Check out the new, still-in-beta Recommendations feature by going to your Hulu profile page and clicking on the “Recommendations (beta)” tab, or by pointing your browser to hulu.com/users/recommendation.


In addition to new recommendations, we’re also launching a feature that many of our users have asked for: A filter that allows you to quickly find closed captioned videos from our Most Popular, Recently Added and Search Results pages. A simple click on the Closed Captioning filter — which appears under “Special Features” at the bottom of the column on the left of these pages — will display only those videos that feature closed captioning, as indicated by the “cc” icon that appears before the video title on these results pages. You can take a look from our Popular Episodes page, where I’ve turn on the Closed Captioning filter. In addition, you can easily identify which episodes of a show have closed captioning from the text-based list view; just look for the “cc” icon that appears between the video title and its run time — see the main show page for Bones for an example. If there’s a mix of captioned and non-captioned videos, you can click on the “cc” header at the top of the list to bring all of the captioned episodes to the top.

We’re committed to building our library of captioned videos over time, so you can expect to see the selection grow over time. To make it easier for you to access captioning, we have a default setting that allows you to turn on closed captions automatically, whenever they’re available. You can find that setting by going to your Hulu profile page and clicking on the Privacy and Settings tab. You’ll find a Closed Captioning setting on the left side of the page; set that to “Yes” to make captions the default.

Closed Captioning Filter

We’re devoting the rest of the work week to more Hulu for the Holidays movies. Check back tomorrow for a star-powered romantic comedy that’s all about a love-struck woman’s attempt to stop a wedding so she can have the groom for herself.

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Last comment: May 11th 2012 10 Comments
  • morgan says:

    Hulu * not “July”

  • morgan says:

    Will July for mobile devices (such as kindle fire) ever get the subtitlle option?

  • Kate says:

    Hello —

    ALL of the captions on ALL shows that captions are indicated are not functioning. Please alert the team who can help troubleshoot this issue.

    Thank you!


  • Roger says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    Would you be able to give the earing impared a date when all (tv) shows will have close caption included, or at least, most of it ?

    Kind regards,


  • ting (hulu) says:

    Thank you for the feedback hogwash. I like your idea to remove videos already in queue. Actually we debated about that design internally before we released the beta, but we were not sure how users use queue and whether taking them out would affect the recommendation quality. Anyway, this is something we will continue to investigate and please continue to send us your valuable feedbacks.


  • Virgoan says:

    I just realized I wasn’t being specific, sorry about that. I’m talking about my user history prior to the implementation of the recommendations. Are those cross-referenced as well, or just the ones viewed after the recommendations?

    You know what, I just checked my recommendations list for the videos that I’ve seen and they don’t show up in my user history. That’s why I was seeing them in the first place. I’m pretty sure I was logged in when I saw them. But no worries, there’s not very many that I would have to say that I saw.

  • hogwash says:

    It doesn’t really help that what we’ve watched hasn’t been recorded in our History for the last week or so. Otherwise it looks like it’s recommending good stuff. Maybe you could take out the items that are currently in our queue as well. I am getting a few of those recommended to me, but they’re already on my to-watch list.
    And great idea with the Closed Captioning search. I was just thinking that should be there the other day.

  • rebeccahulu says:

    Virgoan, Your user history is cross-referenced against the recommendations, but it can’t track videos you’ve watched while you’re not logged in. If you’re noticing a lot of videos from your History feed in your recommendations, send us a note at support@hulu.com and we can look into it. Thanks! Rebecca

  • Lynn says:

    It would be wonderful if we were able to designate entire shows that we are not interested in rather than having to mark each recommended episode as not being interested in.

    It would also be wonderful if we were able to designate entire genres that we are not interested in.

  • Virgoan says:

    Is it possible to cross-reference a user’s history with their recommendations? It seems a bit redundant to check “I’ve seen this” if I know that this information is stored in my history. Why require users to do extra work, when the data is already present?