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November 28th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

The burden of perfection — at least the perfection presented in today’s Hulu for the Holidays feature, Gattaca — would be too much for any of us to handle. That becomes evident when Vincent (Ethan Hawke) puts into motion a plan that will help him realize a lifelong goal: to go into outer space.

The twist to Gattaca is that, in this not-so-distant future, average humans (“In-Valids”) can’t go into space — only members of the genetic elite, or “Valids,” can. So Vincent, an In-Valid, goes to great lengths to become eligible for space travel, scrubbing himself down daily in the shower, using blood samples from a real “Valid,” even undergoing orthopedic surgery to make his stature a match for his adopted persona. Just days before Vincent is scheduled to go into space, though, a murder at Gattaca Aerospace Corporation threatens everything. With the police tracking the identity of a mysterious “In-Valid,” Vincent must avoid exposure or risk losing it all.


A thriller, futuristic drama and cautionary tale, Gattaca convincingly sets up a society in which genetics trump all, thanks to a winning screenplay and direction from Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show).

Don’t forget that Hulu for the Holidays continues with more TV, site features and movies next week. On Monday, we’ll be adding another season of an underrated medical mystery show, plus some news programming with a focus on business.

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  • mc closets says:

    Great story line and movie. I loved that the cars were “traditional looking” but ran on some other quiet technology.

  • twojeanonse says:

    Thanks for very interesting article.

  • JC says:

    I watch them make this movie many years ago when they filmed some of the scenes at my Univeristy here in California. They turned the very same building i take my college courses into an ultra-futuristic architectural masterpiece. I’ve never seen anything like it! Movie making is an art form in itself!..i was very impressed! The movie itself was also pretty good!