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Air Force One

November 27th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

In between all the turkey and the football, Hulu for the Holidays has a Thanksgiving treat for you: Air Force One, an action thriller that puts Harrison Ford in the White House (and on the presidential jet), taking a stance on terrorism that sounds pretty familiar in the post-9/11 universe.

Gary Oldman plays the leader of a group of Soviet neo-nationalists who pose as a news crew who have clearance to fly on Air Force One as the President and his family return to the U.S. from Moscow. And then, of course, there’s Glenn Close as the Vice President, bringing a pragmatic, intelligent approach to the role as she negotiates with the bad guys.

Air Force One

For me, part of the fun of these semi-vintage movies is looking for actors from other shows and movies. In Air Force One, a detective from the CBS series Cold Case makes a brief cameo at Ramstein Air Base, while Paul Guilfoyle (Detective Brass from CSI: Las Vegas) is more visible as the White House Chief of Staff. You’ll also notice Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap) as the Defense Secretary and William H. Macy (Fargo) as Major Caldwell, as well as Bill Smitrovich — a man who has made a career out of appearances on police and legal shows — as General Northwood back at the Capitol.

As for tomorrow, while you’re enjoying that leftover turkey sandwich, don’t forget to check back on Hulu for a science fiction movie that’s all about perfection.

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