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Hulu for the Holidays

November 17th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Every weekday through December 26, we’re introducing a new TV show, movie or site feature to Hulu, giving you a place to hang out during the holiday season. Today, we kick off Hulu for the Holidays with Thanksgiving 2008, more than two dozen videos with recipes and tips from your favorite Food Network personalities, including Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, the Neelys and Paula Deen — everything you need to know to prepare a scrumptious holiday feast. Wondering how you’re supposed to truss a turkey? Alton Brown shows you how. Meanwhile, Giada De Laurentiis offers an Italian-inspired butternut squash gratin as an easy side dish, and Aida Mollenkamp of Ask Aida has the secret to a perfectly flaky pie crust. And then there’s Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Caramel Pie, which I plan to serve this Thanksgiving.

While all of that sounds delicious, Hulu for the Holidays has more in store for the next six weeks. Like today, each Monday we’ll reveal a TV show, either something new to Hulu or an additional season of a classic show. Tuesdays will bring new site features, new tools or services specially designed to enhance your time on Hulu. The rest of each week will be devoted to movies, from blockbusters to art house flicks. They’re titles we’re all excited to offer, with a host of A-list movie stars: Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn and Robert De Niro, among others.

Our Hulu for the Holidays Spotlight page (hulu.com/holidays) helps you track each of the additions to Hulu. We’ll unveil something new every day, so check back often.

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