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Scare Up Some Horror with Huluween

October 21st, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This month, we’ve put together some fright-inducing videos in celebration of Halloween. Compiled together on our Huluween Spotlight page, you can take your pick, from the campy to seriously scary, plus some of our favorite Halloween-themed TV episodes and clips as a little treat. From the Huluween Spotlight page, you can browse from week to week to week.

There, in Week 1, we have The Blob, where an evil Jell-O-like blob wreaks havoc on a small town. A 1988 remake of the original, it features just the right amount of gross-out horror, enough to keep you squirming all the way to Halloween. And for Entourage fans, Vince’s brother, Johnny Drama — or rather, Kevin Dillon — has the lead alongside Shawnee Smith, who later put her horror skills to good use in Saw.

For more serious scares, we have something from the master of horror, Steven King, from Week 2. John Carpenter’s Christine is the twisted love story of a teenager and his 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine. The car demands his complete, unquestioned devotion, and she’s hell-bent on stopping anyone who gets in her way. Christine’s midnight rampages jumpstart the terror, from start to finish.

This week we went deeper into the horror archives, digging up a missing link: a Manchurian monster with unimaginable power. Though Horror Express has its schlocky moments, good-for-1972 production values deliver a some genuinely scary moments and even a few surprises.

We also added a comedy-horror film from the mid-’80s, The Toxic Avenger. Overlooked on its initial theatrical release, this campy movie is now considered a cult classic, leading to three sequels and even a TV cartoon, Toxic Crusaders. As superheroes prove to be big box-office draws, maybe we’ll get to see the wimpy Melvin transform from scrawny mess to a crusading hulk once again.

In addition to a few more horror B-movies, we have Halloween-worthy episodes of Buffy, clips from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, and hilariously frightening set-ups from Scare Tactics. Turn down the lights, grab some candy corn and prepare to be scared!

Happy Huluween,