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Slacker Now on Hulu

October 9th, 2008 by Kevin Smith Director, Clerks

From guest blogger Kevin Smith, writer/director, Zack and Miri Make a Porno:

August 2, 1991. The day of my 21st birthday. Most folks elect to cut loose and enjoy the freedom that turning 21 affords. I, however — being a total loser — opted, instead, to take the 50-mile drive up the Jersey Turnpike with my friend Vincent Pereira so we could peep a film reviewed, quite favorably, by J. Hoberman in the Village Voice. It was unheard of in my neck of the woods to drive that far to see a movie (let alone a movie with zero movie stars in it), but the promise of a scene centered on a Madonna pap smear of questionable authenticity was bait enough to lure us from the Jersey ‘burbs into the wilds of Manhattan-after-dark.

After overpaying for both parking and popcorn, we settled into what seats we could find together in the packed theater of a midnight screening. And once the trailer for Hal Hartley’s Trust concluded, the Orion Classics logo lit up the screen and introduced me to my future. For the next 100 minutes or so, I was agog. My jaw literally hung open as this shaggy paean to those who follow the road not taken unspooled, offering me a glimpse into a free-associative world of ideas instead of plot, people instead of characters, and Nowheresville, Texas, instead of the usual California or New York settings most movies elected to feature (that “Nowheresville” was really Austin speaks volumes on how culturally bereft I was at the time). That night, director Richard Linklater and his film not only captured my imagination, he (and it) captured my heart — not to mention kick-started my ambition. On the hour-long drive home from the theater that night, I realized what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to be a filmmaker. That’s the power of Slacker: if you let it, it’ll change your life. It certainly changed mine.

So if you hate me and my films, blame Richard Linklater’s Slacker. And if you love me and my films, thank Richard Linklater for Slacker. Either way, do yourself a favor and watch Richard Linklater’s Slacker here on Hulu. Right now.

Kevin Smith
Writer/Director, Zack and Miri Make a Porno (opening October 31)

Last comment: Aug 18th 2016 17 Comments
  • Ask Sitesi says:

    I wanted to go to film school, they shot that idea down immediately.

  • manjiko says:

    Good endorsement Kev! Love your movies and love Slacker too

  • Sohbet says:

    Hulu is nothing more than region-coding for the internet. Slacker bared a truth that resonated very strongly with me

  • Obligatory says:

    Its an important film that deserves all its accolades. It created a rise in consciousness in a lot of people. How many films can say that? Also on a personal level it was like someone patting me on the back and saying ‘you dont have to live like they are telling you, its ok to go your own way’.

  • brion says:

    I watched slacker years ago when I was just about to enter college. My family was paying for school, and when I told them I wanted to go to film school, they shot that idea down immediately. I was to find a worthwhile profession in college,so I chose journalism. I always wanted to direct. So now I sell cars, 17 years later. Great.

  • Stevo says:

    It’s Good Of Kevin To Share His Perspective And Praise. As It Is Good Of Hulu To Stream Slacker For Others. It Has Been A Long Time Since I Have Seen This. And I Also Have Alot Of Respect For Waking Life.

  • Voldo says:

    i don’t know what to say!!! :)

  • Edward says:

    Good endorsement Kev! Love your movies and love Slacker too (even though I think it should’ve been called Slackers with an s). The amazing thing about this movie is not only that, because I’m in that age bracket NOW, we are having all THIS EXACT SAME CONVERSATIONS in the year 2000+ (and we even have Ron Paul revolution AGAIN) – the really amazing thing is that I realized none of this is really Slacking, and that all of it is really universal. It’s simply people getting to know their own minds, their own bodies, their own environment and the culture/people all around. The movie is amazing in the way that it captures even the awkward movements of the young adults. They seem to be between kids and adults, and they are. Movie offers so many revelations it’s amazing; but I think it also demands certain type of upbringing/past experiences to realize what’s going on and be interested in the movie. It certainly was an epiphany to me that all the Ron Paul stuff was going on back then as well since I was 10 & didn’t even live in the US back then. All the conspiracy theories, all the parallel realities, all the youngsters groping with their minds and trying to make sense of their world and their place in it. I love it. Great movie!

  • David says:

    @ the first two posters- Dersh/Chris

    It’s one thing to pose on the Internet- as a special forces bad ass, or as Charlie Murphy, as having an authentic Madonna pap smear. It’s an art.

    What you have done here is not. It is clumsy and it make me feel all awkward- like the first time my attention was drawn to the marketing in ET. (That made me vomit quite literally.)

    You two are obviously directly involved with the business part of getting both Kevin and Slacker to Hulu and it frankly kind of sullies both the film and Mr. Smith to see such mealy unsubtle pandering.

    Like I said, there is an art to posing and, for you, as part of the qualifications for your job, you need to be a master at it.

    I suggest training in video game forums.

    Good luck. Thanks for the film.

  • Jeremiah says:

    Kevin, thanks for blogging Slacker, I am now about to watch it with the notion that it is probably good. Waiting for your next one, and hope to make your acquaintance in the future. If you get bored YouTube “The Oversat” and check me out!

    Good Travels,
    J. LongBear

  • 18hours says:

    It was 1993 for me. I was in high school and similarly culturally bereft. They were showing it on Bravo and I had the incredible luck of stumbling across it for it did change my life. Slacker bared a truth that resonated very strongly with me and I immediately felt the urge to try to capture it too, as Richard had so brilliantly done. I did not become a filmmaker like Kevin, but I certainly thought about it. This film goes deep, and it takes time for it to sink in. I’ve watched it more than a dozen times over the years and I still find it stimulating and engaging. Although I must admit that it was Waking Life that really changed my life. :)

  • The Wanderer says:

    Dear hulu mambers and kevin (if you ever read this)
    I for one was enticed when the conspiracy nut began
    to ramble…. I like it. Check out mine and my friend’s
    (Ginux) site. At the bottom of the site is my blog :)
    It’s entitled The Revolutionist Handbook… not to be
    confused with Naomi Wolf’s book Give Me Liberty: A
    handbook for American Revolutionaries. Which is also on
    the blog. lolz my friend does all the crafting of the
    site. I can’t believe he would place me on the same site
    as her. GLEE!!! :p So come and check it out…. or
    whatever. Till then…. you stay classy hulu

  • Rick Harris says:

    Shame this is only available in the US. Hulu is nothing more than region-coding for the internet.

  • Joe says:

    Hi Kevin! I was one of the mindless extras in your new movie Zach and Miri Make a Porno, I can’t wait to see it! I just had to stop and say hi in case you’re reading this. Your speech at the gymnasium in Pittsburgh was hilarious (something to the effect of “I’m a big time movie director so none of you people talk to me” too funny).

    Anyway, love your movies man and I hope Z&M isn’t too raunchy because I’m thinking of taking my mother to see it :) Uh sorry this has nothing to do with the movie Slacker, just saying hi. I will check it out though.

    Oh sh*t, I just talked to the director!

  • Dersh says:

    If kevin says its good. I guess Ill watch

  • Chris Crum says:

    A fine example of blog marketing via celebrity endorsement. Kevin, you’ve convinced me to check out Slacker.