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New Features for Your Queue

October 3rd, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

You asked, we listened. One of the most popular requests we’ve received since Hulu’s launch has been for an easier way to manage queued videos, and a few new features will bolster your queue’s functionality. Now you can rearrange your play order by renumbering the videos in Your Queue. Once you’ve renumbered the videos, simply click the “update order” button and your videos will be rearranged. You can also move a video to the top of your queue by clicking on the arrow button that appears to the left of your numbered playlist. To start streaming your playlist continuously, just click on any video. Your videos will start playing in order, starting with that video.

Update Play Order

You can also remove several videos at once. Check off the videos you want to remove, then click on the “remove” button above your queue; the selected videos will be taken out of your queue. If you have a number of expired videos in your queue (we keep those there so you aren’t surprised to see a video’s missing), you can click on the “removed expired videos” button — no need to select the videos — to pull them from your queue in one easy step.

Remove from Queue

To make managing your queue a little easier, there are two ways to view your list: The default view, with thumbnail images of each video, and a new list view. The difference? The thumbnail view spreads your queue over several pages if necessary, while the list view shows your entire queue (without images) on one page for easy reordering. You can change your view by clicking on the buttons located to the right of side of the page, up near the Subscription Alerts settings.

List View

We’ve also split out our queue alerts so you can opt out of expiration alerts if you’d rather not receive them. When you turn on Subscription Alerts, we’ll send a daily e-mail whenever we add a new video from your subscription list to your queue. Expiration Alerts will notify you when a video in your queue is set to expire in seven days. You can activate these alerts in your Profile under the “Privacy and Settings” or “Queue” tabs.

The check boxes that allow you to remove select items from your queue also let you change your privacy settings from public to private for the selected videos, just in case you want to keep those Bring It On clips to yourself. If you prefer to keep everything private all the time, you can modify your lists’ privacy settings from your Profile’s Privacy and Settings tab. Note: Your settings on the Privacy and Settings tab override any settings you make in your queue, even when your queued videos say “public.”

And finally, we now offer relevant availability messaging at the top of show pages, letting you know when you can expect the latest episode of your favorite series. Take a look at the show page for House, hulu.com/house, for an idea.

If you haven’t already, check out the new Queue settings and let us know what you think at .

Rebecca (),
Hulu Editor

Last comment: Jun 21st 2016 5 Comments
  • Thanks for the post… Unfortunately there’s no way to keep a video in your queue after you’ve watched it. Other than searching, if you use Favorites, you can go right back to the shows you subscribe to directly so you can easily find episodes again. You can also find them in your viewing history. Sorry that there isn’t a better option for now.

    Hulu Support

  • Nayari says:

    Is there a way to stop my videos from being automatically deleted once I am done watching them? I like watching things more than once, and having to go back and re-find them all is annoying.

  • leQ, In many cases, our content partners have streaming rights for a limited window. The windows vary from show to show; in the case of Stargate Atlantis, they have clearance to offer 10 episodes from Season 5 at a time.

  • leQ says:

    i don’t understand why you’re expiring my shows. i’m speaking about stargate: atlantis. all you have is season 5. why are you expiring them, when you should be ADDING to the list, seasons 1-4. space can’t be the issue in these days because storage is cheaper than water. so i would really like to know why you’re expiring my shows. don’t tell me it’s contract issues.

  • Don Jones says:

    When you guys came out I left Netflix thinking I could get good movies on my PC. Wrong….

    You can get anything but childish spoof sprinkled with an occasional decent show. Now you are in the TV rebroadcasting business. Makes you look lazy and having only childish taste.

    I don’t understand why your investors do not slap your wrists, unless they don’t know good solid movies either.