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September 11th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This week was full of debuts, including the return of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the highly anticipated premiere of Fringe, the new series from J.J. Abrams. And, for fans of the runway and the red carpet, we’ve also added more fashion content.

I only discovered Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles this summer. And thanks to the Season 2 premiere, “Samson & Delilah,” I’m hooked for life. All it took was Shirley Manson (the lead singer from the band Garbage) — the show’s new bad girl — and the remaining question of why Cromartie, a T-888 cyborg from the future, didn’t kill off Agent Ellis in last season’s finale. (Besides, I’m still not sure about Cameron…)

Meanwhile, Fringe brings a little of that old X-Files feeling back to the airwaves, thanks to its focus on the paranormal. And while some might think Agent Dunham is a little like Scully, the show is J.J. Abrams through and through, from the initial plane crash to the score by composer Michael Giacchino — both elements that should seem familiar to anyone familiar with Lost. As a little extra for ReGenesis fans, Peter Outerbridge (Dr. Sandstrom himself) makes a brief appearance as a doctor in the pilot.

If fashion’s more your thing, we’ve added highlights from the Spring 2009 collections at New York Fashion Week. With runway highlights, interviews and backstage coverage from our partners at Style Network, Style.com and Chic.TV, it’s your chance to see the hottest looks for spring.

And for the ultimate fashion fix, check out the premiere episode of Bravo’s new series, The Rachel Zoe Project. Zoe (rhymes with “doe”) has been a fashion it-girl for years now, styling A-list celebs like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner. Her new reality show covers everything from her hunt for red carpet-worthy looks to her plans to create her own line of denim, sunglasses and handbags. Throw in some scenes with her testy assistant, Taylor, and you’ve got a reality TV show.




Last comment: Nov 24th 2008 6 Comments
  • Leo says:

    i wonder who liked Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? i think it’s not so breath takig as we expected… pity

  • hulu forever! waiting for something new)))

  • Hi! nice comments. but i’d liked you to write a little bit more on what what you liked and what you didn’t liked and why in your articles. really i would be interesting. thanx for attention…

  • Butter9 says:


    What are the rules for being able to comment on shows? I ask because I commented on the pilot and I see that my comment was removed. I don’t know why, though. I didn’t use profanity or make any lewd comments. I thought the show was inconsistent and I explained why. Was my comment taken down because I suggested the continued dull look on the lead actress’s face might be because of botox? Or, can someone simply click the “Report this comment” button because they don’t like something you say and immediately a comment is removed?

    Thanks for your help.

  • EzzyD says:

    Hello Rebecca I am new to Hulu and I would like to know when will Regenesis season 3 be added to your website. I like the show a lot and season 2 cliffhanger is killing me. Is there anyway you could resolve my delima. Thanks
    Keep us the good work

  • Greg says:

    Just a quick question/comment — If I can go to most any network’s website (say fox.com) and at least have the chance to watch episodes at 720 resolution, why would I watch it on hulu at a max of 480?

    I’m not a hulu hater, I’m just hoping that some day the option will be available to those of us with the bandwidth to utilize it.