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The Complete Run of PBS’s Carrier

September 8th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

By popular demand, we’re happy to offer Carrier, an engaging PBS miniseries that follows the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and its 5,000 passengers on a six-month journey to the Persian Gulf. And while we were only able to offer half of the series this summer, we now have the entire run so you can catch all the action.

We like Carrier for the insider’s perspective on all the personalities aboard the ship, and how each resident — mostly sailors and Marines — deals with life under a runway. Their lives are exciting, fast-paced and sometimes stressful, with each crew member playing an integral role, whether they’re flipping pancakes or launching aircraft. And then there’s the conflict. Listening to the drama aboard this “floating high school” — after all, most of crew members are between 18 and 20 years old — beats the latest reality TV catfight anytime, probably because it seems so real.

For all the drama, there’s also the real thrill of “shooting planes” (sending the fighter jets off the carrier). While we may be in the comfort of our own homes and cubicles, these firsthand accounts give a sense, no matter how remote, of what life at sea is really all about.

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Hulu Editor

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