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August 28th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

The last two weeks at Hulu have been all about bringing more movies to our users. And while we’ve added more than 20 full-length feature films since the Hulu Days of Summer wrapped up, we’ve also introduced popular television shows from the past. Here are the highlights, just in case you missed them.

More Movies

This week has been all about the mega-movie stars: Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Robert Redford … Cheech & Chong? From Legends of the Fall and Sleepless in Seattle to Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning directorial debut, Ordinary People, drama is finding its place on Hulu — but we’re not all about the tear-jerkers.

New-to-Hulu movies like Jackass 2.5 — outtakes from Jackass 2 — and Yellowbeard — a swashbuckler spoof starring Cheech & Chong — ensure there’s still plenty to laugh about.

And if you prefer thought-provoking war movies, check out Saints and Soldiers, a low-budget film loosely based on actual events that occurred following the Melmedy massacre during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge. Without relying on special effects or gore, it still manages to depict the fear and struggle this band of Allied soliders experienced as they made the dangerous journey from Nazi territory back to their troops.

More TV Favorites

Can’t get enough teen drama? Get your fix with select episodes of One Tree Hill and The O.C.. We have the first half of each show’s first season available right now; we’ll introduce more episodes as they become available.

More Web Originals

While this past year’s writers’ strike may have slowed down Hollywood, a bunch of top-notch writers and producers got together to create their own new comedies and dramas specifically for the Web. From The Line, directed by Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers, to Gemini Division, starring Rosario Dawson, and Coma, which headlines a number of Hollywood regulars, including Michael Madsen, we continue to bring you the top web originals around.

We’ll continue to add more programming to the site every day. Stay tuned next week: Fall premieres are just around the corner. We’ll have more updates on Tuesday.

Rebecca (),
Hulu Editor

Last comment: Nov 21st 2008 16 Comments
  • hey Jack! you are not lonely! indeed i did it, i mean i couldn’t wait till the end, and turned to my pillow)))

  • Jack says:

    I watched Ordinary People… nothing special… i fell asleep while waiting for the end of it…

  • hi! i visit your blog regularly, must say i like it… but still i would like you to write your personal opinion, your style is so neutral. it’s not bad. but in any case…
    by the way, thanks to everyone leaving comments, sometimes they really help me! have a nice day

  • Andrew says:

    I think ENTOURAGE would be a great addition…do it, do it.

  • Shawn says:

    Please add ”STARVED” by Eric Schaeffer, a short lived comedy on F/X. If your reading this vote for STARVED!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Is there any chance the show “Over There” could be added to the Hulu’s roster? It aired around the same time It’s Always Sunny first started, so about 2005, i think, and it was on the FX network. Just wondering if it’s a possibility.

    Also just wanted to say thanks and great job! Hulu is by far the best site out there. Keep up the good work.

  • Ken says:

    I have a very random request. However, I must say that the selection of movies on this network probably deserves it. How about “Love Potion #9″

  • Brian says:

    i was just curious do you guys have an iphon/itouch app because i would like to be able to “watch my favorites anywhere, anytime”

  • jason says:

    Thank you Ms. Harper, for all that you’ve done to this site. Without further ado, when/is Malcolm in the Middle coming to Hulu?


    another valued viewer

  • David Mackey says:

    Rebecca – I’m sure you guys have a million and one features planned for Hulu, but I’d like to request two simple ones:
    1. Make it so we can “hide” shows. For example, there are lots of shows I’m never interested in seeing – let me choose to “hide them” so I can focus on the results I’m interested in. I could always “unhide” them later if I change my mind through a control panel setting.
    2. Move the “web shorts” into their own category. I’m not ADD enough to watch these…and its disappointing to think you’ve stumbled upon a new show only to discover each episode is 1 min. long.
    The first is the must have though! One of the things that keeps me from using Hulu more than I already do is I keep having to re-browse through the contents – I can’t remember what all the shows are about…yet 75% of them I’m not interested in!

  • Vicki_2003 says:

    I think that you should add “Mind Freak” to the list of programs.

  • Hello,

    I’ve been a user here for over a year now I think. Regardless just wanted to drop a suggestion as I embed your videos in a large portion of our forum. They’ll also start getting some front page exposure to.

    But it would be really nice if we knew before hand, starting a movie or tv show, if it was “embeddable” or not. Because if it’s not, we unlike you or other tv sites, do not hyperlink for the sake of watching something. We either embed what we can, or go without. So if there could be an icon somewhere like a red stop sign, or something that says “video cannot be embedded” that would help us as site owners a lot I believe.

    Thank you,


  • therevenant says:

    Please, honestly I never got to watch The O.C. when it was on the air, because we didn’t have cable at that point in time. I’m begging you please get All episodes from all seasons of The O.C., posted on Hulu soon, I saw the first half of the first season and now I’m hooked. I want to see it all, I’m begging please get it.

  • D says:

    please help me with hulu.com on my cell phone. I have been trying for days. thank u . D

  • happysmiler78 says:

    Any ideas on when we might see the original Stargate SG-1 series added to the hulu roster? Thanks for all the cool stuff!

  • JACK CONRAD says:

    Excellent quality movies, i recommended them to all my friends. My only problem is that after about 1.10 hours into a movie it locks out and won’t come back easily, takes lots of time. It’s as though, your program only allows a little over an hour to run, then the program inserts the rest of the movie. What do you think?