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August 27th, 2008 by Travis McCann

I have always been riveted by the American political process. I love the energy of a political campaign, the devotion of the people who volunteer their time and donate their money in hopes that their candidate will be the one to raise their right hand and repeat the words “I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of…”

This last year, I have seen this energy greatly increased, cynicism bowled over, and hope returned. Millions of new voters have rushed to the polls in the primaries on both sides of the aisle, with vigor that hasn’t been seen in decades, and certainly not in my lifetime.

I’ve stayed up all night to watch the results from the past four general elections, and I love few things more than getting the information I want about the campaigns and the late-breaking developments as soon as I can. That’s why I’m happy to say that Hulu is bringing you the latest and greatest election and political updates through our newest news partner, MSNBC. We’ve got The Today Show to get you through your morning, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams for those late-breaking developments I was talking about. If you’re interested in more detail, a little Meet the Press should be right up your alley. And of course we’ll be bringing you everything we can from the Denver Democratic National Convention (DNC).

For more political coverage, tune in to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which returns from a brief hiatus to report on “Indecision 2008″ from the DNC, as well. And with America’s Election HQ, a daily wrap-up of the day’s political events, Fox News keeps you on top of the latest issues.

See you in the first hundred days!

Travis McCann
Hulu Political Correspondent

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  • HaveMercy says:

    I am so glad to see that this blog was updated.
    But I do have a suggestion,
    Could you put a calender up as you have done when you posted the Hulu days of summer, as in what series or movies that you have added each day.

    I know it may be redundant, but when I look at the Recently added shows or movies section, It does not alway deplict an accurate picture of when they were added.
    IE: Angel had showed as a recently added show on the TV Section, when I know that it was added way before Regensis or even the 3 Stooges Collection.
    And even on that part regarding the Movies section Saints and Soldiers is not even listed as a new addition to Hulu.
    I would hate to miss a show or Movie on here that is being offered because I didn’t look at the recently added section or that the Recently Added section isn’t truly the timeframe that is correct.

    Thank you for a Wonderful Site.
    You are all Simply the Best!!!!