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August 13th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

To fans of TLC’s Trading Spaces, Vern Yip is a familiar face. The interior designer, known for his clean, tasteful projects, has since moved on to host his own show, HGTV’s Deserving Design. In each episode, he goes to the home of a deserving person, family or even sorority — people who have made a big effort to help others — and makes over a room with some input from the homeowner. What they don’t know, however, is that a surprise makeover of a second room is also in store. For armchair decorators like myself, Yip provides helpful tips and inspiring ideas along way, most of which are simple enough to try at home.

Another HGTV newcomer now available on Hulu is Myles of Style, hosted by Design Star 2 winner Kim Myles. The charismatic New Yorker challenges homeowners to unlock their creativity, teaming up with them to transform a drab patio into a modern Moroccan retreat, or an oversized living room into a classic chic hangout. Best of all, Myles proves that high-end design isn’t out of reach for budget-conscious homeowners: Most of her projects are do-it-yourself, from a concrete table with built-in lighting to a silk-lined light fixture framed with wire mesh.

With 13 full-length episodes for each of these titles, we think you’ll find plenty of inspiration for any end-of-summer home improvement projects you might have in mind. Enjoy!

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  • Daragh says:

    I cut the cable after convincing my wife that her HGTV programs were available on HULU, and then I find out they are NOT available on my TV via Xbox 360. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Guac says:

    I think sometimes people miss the point. In a time where new media is just getting its start, of course things like Brand NEW DVD releases and ALL EPISODES of a show will not be available. It is a growing industry and I give my total respect to Hulu. The only thing that we CAN do to help speed up the process is to watch as much as we can in different categories. That way, more networks and studios will be inclined to put their stuff on the internet for free (with some mild commercial interruption of course :)). Hulu can only obtain the rights to certain things due to the studios/networks being so afraid to move a decade or two into the new world where people want their stuff on the internet where and when they want it. If you really want the “action” and “sci-fi” from the TOP QUALITY studios and networks, I suggest you send as much feedback to Hulu, letters to networks, and most importantly WATCH AS MANY SHOWS ON HULU AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. The more traffic and views that hulu has, the more likely it is that the big corporations will want to invest on something like this. So don’t blame HULU or its contents. Blame the studios and networks that are so antiquated that they’d rather have people pirating their materials than put them on a site as great as this.

    Keep going HULU! Great site, great contents!

  • Rebecca says:

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  • Jeff says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out why Hulu starting screwing up about a month ago for me. It doesn’t matter what computer I use. My internet connection is very fast – no problems with any other video site and my isp says its Hulu. No response from Hulu though, that sucks like the show in this post. Of course advertisements always work great.

  • Wes says:

    So Hulu has turned into gramma television? What happened to all the scifi, action and adventure flicks? Let’s get things rolling again! We’re in it for good now!