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Adjust your video playback settings

August 8th, 2008 by Eugene Wei SVP, Audience

We’ve recently added two new settings to the Privacy and Settings tab in your user profile. Both can be found under Personal Settings in the left column of your Privacy and Settings page, as shown below.

Hulu - Your settings

One setting is for Closed Captioning and it allows you to set the Hulu player to always turn on English captions when available. The second setting allows you to instruct the Hulu player to always default to the hi-res (1Mbps, 480p) stream if available for any video.

These are both in addition to the two settings that remain from before. One opts you in to receive the occasional (and by occasional, we mean rare) e-mail from us when we have exciting news or site features to share. The second activates queue updates. These short text e-mails let you know if we’ve added a video from any of your subscriptions to your queue. We also will send a short e-mail if any of the videos in your queue are expiring soon so you have a chance to view them. These queue update e-mails are batched and sent at most once a day, and only when there’s relevant activity to share.

You’ll need a Hulu account to access and adjust these settings. If you haven’t signed up for a Hulu account, it’s free and quick.


Eugene (eugene.wei@hulu.com)

Last comment: Jul 18th 2017 9 Comments
  • Melissa Ward says:

    Can you tell me if 50Mbps internet service will be sufficient to run you programming as we are about to have our cable turned off and are considering subscribing to your service but would like to know first if it would work correctly before doing so.

  • RaiBlade says:

    Extremely happy with these new settings. Love how Hulu improves a little more with every single update. Really makes a difference.

  • Bryan C. McDonald says:

    Dear Sirs: It hit me on Miller ST then I thought about it at the farm. A ball point pen called BULL-PEN. The pen would have a small Liquid Crystal Display. It would generate random words to tell if someome was telling the TRUTH when they push a small button. The politicians could hand out the pens in the 2008 Presidential election. Use words like RIGHT ON!,
    SAY AGAIN?, NO WAY!, TRUTH!, Huh?, Duh!, Ha! Ha! etc.
    Bryan C. McDonald
    Natalia, TX

  • Vecht says:

    Thanks so much for adding the caption. As a hearing impaired person, I sure appreciate it. Thanks guys…keep up the great work.

  • Scott says:

    To Don….if you don’t like it, don’t watch.
    Are there any full movies on Hulu that have closed captioning? I clicked on quite a few and none had captioning available.
    I know Hulu is working on this, does this mean that once they do work this out, that only the newly added movies will have captioning or will captioning be added to some of the movies that are already available, such as Spy Game, Liar Liar, or Scorpion King.

  • Don Jones says:

    Digging around in the grade C movie sewer again? Where do you get this pitiful junk? Then when the reviews say the movie stinks, you keep it on the list. I go through the list time and again and find one or two i liked twenty years ago. The rest is Boo Boo Man Eats Dead People and Purple Farts In A Green Sky. Puke….

  • Will says:

    Thank you! The lack of a 480p setting was the only thing that got on nerves about Hulu. Seriously, thank you! :D

  • Sean says:

    Hi guys,

    Just some thoughts for features to add to the queueing systems.

    1) Multiple Queues/Playlists that we could save would be great.

    2) Randomizing the queued programs would be fantastic. I like queueing up things then having them play in a random order to mix it up.

    Just a few ideas for the queue systems.

  • Andy H says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I use the captioning extensively on hulu, and having this as an option is amazing!!!

    Hulu’s hard work is VERY appreciated!