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Liar Liar

August 6th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

They say the truth will set you free, but all Liar Liar‘s Fletcher (Jim Carrey) knows are lies. His ability to weave a tangled web of lies is his strength, after all: It’s made him a rising star at his law firm, where he’s under consideration to become partner. But his tendency to put his job first — and make excuses for it — has hurt his personal life, placing his relationship with his son, Max, in jeopardy.

When Fletcher misses Max’s birthday, Max does the only thing a five-year-old can do: He blows out candles, wishing that his dad would stop lying for a day. And because birthday wishes can be magical in movies, Max’s wish comes true and Fletcher gets into a whole heap of trouble. He has a big court appearance the next day, and the only way he thinks he can win is by lying.

The result is a bunch of mad antics as Fletcher comes to terms with telling nothing but the truth. Leave it to Jim Carrey to turn this plight into a marathon of slapstick as Fletcher loses himself to the truth, putting his career on the line in the process. As Fletcher digs himself a deeper hole of truths in the courtroom, however, a strange thing happens: He begins to feel euphoric when he sets himself free from all his lies.

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