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A Shot At Glory

August 5th, 2008 by Brandon Boone Corporate Communications Manager

Every athlete dreams of the day, the moment in time, when their best is better than everyone else’s. It’s a dream that normally starts as a kid in a backyard, local swimming pool or youth basketball league. It’s a dream that requires sacrifice, dedication, resolve and the ability to not be told “no”. I know this dream very well, as it was once my own.

As a former Division I athlete who followed his dream of representing the United States in the Olympics as far as the 1998 and 1999 NCAA Track & Field Championships, I can truly say that I relate to today’s feature. MOJO’s A Shot At Glory takes an in-depth look at the Olympic journey of 10 American athletes. (Eight of the episodes are available today; the remaining two will be available later this week.) Each has their own touching and triumphant story of how they earned their spot and chance to represent the U.S. in this summer’s Olympic Games in China. Whether you relate to Kate Ziegler, who swam over 200,000 miles for the chance to compete in Beijing, or BMX champion Donny Robinson, who broke more bones than he can count, A Shot At Glory brings you behind the scenes, giving you a look at what it takes to compete in the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Whether you are a sports fan or you just like inspirational stories, A Shot At Glory will acquaint you with a few of Team USA’s medal hopefuls.

Brandon Boone (brandon.boone@hulu.com),
Hulu’s Former Olympic Hopeful

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