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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

July 28th, 2008 by Joss Whedon Creator: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. What is it? A mad, twisted, fever dream? A gay romp, filled with hi-jinks and hootenanny? A mushortio?

Dr. Horrible’s sing-Along Blog is the (true) story of Dr. Horrible (wow, really?), a low-rent super-villain trying to get into the Evil League of Evil, defeat his boorish nemesis, Captain Hammer, and win the girl of his dreams, Penny (or at least talk to her.) It was directed by Joss “me” Whedon, and written by… oh let’s not get bogged down in the details. Let’s ask the tough questions: Why would you ever watch a musical about a super-villain?

First off, you got something better to do? Need to wash that hair (or a man right out of it)? Need to watch another “blood spatters ‘n’ semen” procedural? Need to work in order to live? Bah.

Dr. Horrible is diabolical, relentless and surprisingly hummable. It’s presented in three separate acts, so if you don’t like one, you’re perfectly free to suck it up and watch the other two in pain! And it’s on HULU, the premier site for people who like joy and life and children and America. More importantly, HULU is one of the best fort-under-attack movies ever made, and Michael Caine’s blue eyeshadow is adorable.

Oh. That’s ZULU. Well, fine. Point being, HULU hosted Dr. Horrible for free for a week, which we, the mushortio-makers, are forever grateful for, and now you can stream it for free on their site. How awesome is that? I know, you’re humbled. Stop groveling. Just remember: the more you watch it, the more you will understand about life and the universe and hydroponics. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…. and you just might learn long division. With songs! PLEASE watch it. We’re so lonely…

Joss “me” Whedon
Agent of H.U.L.U. (Hydroponically Undeveloped Loofa Users.)
(Hideously Ugly Laminating Umpires?) (I don’t think this site really exists.) Bye-ee!

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  • Hi there, I discovered your site via Google even as looking for a similar subject, your site got here up, it appears to be like great. I have added to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  • Ed Jolanski says:

    Hulu needs to stop discriminating against people outside of the all-powerful USA. Seriously. How much more of this blatant discrimination are we going to take? We no longer allow people to discriminate based on race, why do we allow it based on nationality?

  • Finlay says:

    Hi Ashton! you are really not the only one!!! i’m also with you! hope something new is coming

  • hey,guys! i didn’t know dr. Horrible has so many fans! now i feel not to be lonely yahoooo)))

  • )) i see Joss you likeв it… and these comments also push me to watch it… i’m gonna do it this week-end)))

  • Anna says:

    Watched Dr. Horrible from The Netherlands a week or so ago without problems – and enjoyed. Now only watching from inside the USA is allowed. Not very friendly? What’s the reason? Fear of Foreigners? State Secrets?

    Is there still an international version (without those State Secrets) available somewhere?

  • Daylight says:

    Disappointed I can’t watch this from the UK any more. Bring on the DVD ASAP (and make it region-free, please!!!)

  • German guy says:

    Why is streaming for Europe suddenly disabled? Where will I get my Dr. Horrible fix now?

    I love Dr. Horrible, but now there is no way left for me to have any…

    So I will probably have to wait for the DVD release, too bad (would have bought the DVD anyway).

  • Mark says:

    Does NOT work outside the USA despite claims to the contrary.

    Please sort this out, I love Joss Whedon stuff!

  • Wes says:

    Stand back, everyone, nothing here to see!

  • toolazytocomeupwithaname says:

    Joss and co. you guys rock!!! I love you all!! Thanks for putting this back up until I have the money to buy it!

  • Nick says:

    Well, Dr. Horrible lives up to its name. Steaming video at its finest.

  • fuffybaby18 says:

    I’m so glad it’s back up on hulu, and that someone has been able to get me a version that will play internationally :) I don’t have iTunes, so this will hold me over until it comes out on dvd! Plus, it makes it so my friends who don’t know the greatness of Joss no longer have the excuse of not wanting to pay $4 on iTunes to see this brilliant piece of internet magic!

  • mumu says:

    Dear Mr. Whedon – I would very much like to book a first-class ticket for a vacation in your mind. I was originally going to book my vacation in Terry Gilliam’s mind, but yours has a much better soundtrack.

    Thanks to you and the team who put Dr. Horrible together for all the brilliance (and the goggles…).

  • Uncle Patso says:

    Holy cow! That was great! Where did this come from (okay, I know) and why didn’t I hear about it until now? Ooh, the Better Half is going to LOVE this!

  • Ninja says:

    Wow! I’m so happy! I totally wanted to see it a few weeks ago, but I forgot in the flurry of events.

    It’s pretty good. Though someone spoiled the ending for me (kinda glad they did, it doesn’t sound very happy).

    Either way, I’m glad they hosted it here.

  • Eis says:

    I love Whedon and had missed the previous webisode of this web gem. I’ve recently been watching HULU beacuse I have a firm believe that TV is evil and NEVER watch the stations on my TV. I may play a game or watch a DVD but I’ve not seen a tv show in over 5 years now. HULU is the way TV should always be. I can subscribe to the shows I like, they come to me, and there are new things every day.

    I”ve been paying close attention to the Summer releases and when Dr. Horrible came up I kinda cocked my head to the side and said WTF. I read the blog to figure out what was going on, and thought the post was a spoof. Who would believe that Joss would really be writing on the HULU blog. However I loved the Buffy Musical Episode so I began to watch. I LOVED IT!!!! I’ve watched it every day since they launched it. I look forward to the DVD. When I get my next paycheck I think I’ll buy the iTunes version much to my husband’s frustration at getting the songs eternally stuck in his head.

    So Thank you HULU.

  • jaycee says:

    > Is it upside-down in Australia? Do you have a switch
    > or do you have to turn you display over?

    All TV’s and monitors sold in Oz are already upside down, so we don’t have to adjust anything.

  • Lily White says:

    Is it upside-down in Australia? Do you have a switch or do you have to turn you display over?

  • I love love love Joss, and the other Whedons.. but especially Joss, The unknown, known Lyricist Alfy, I am glad to see this up and running, all my respect ~ Alfy

  • One of our reporters at Tubefilter literally stumbled upon the video right after it was posted:


    How long might it be up?

  • browncoat says:

    firefly firefly firefly firefly firefly firefly FIREFLY FIREFLY! FIREFLY! FIREFLY!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Being in Australia and thus unable, as yet, to give you my money, I’m incredibly pleased to be able to continue watching and obsessing in anticipation of one day doing so.


  • sally brown says:

    i am so so happy. purely happy. immersed in happy. i do believe, mr. whedon, you are gold. happy gold.

  • M says:

    Hi Joss,
    Dunno if you’ll actually read this, but here goes. I love’d Dr. Horrible! Great work! I was reading about it in Entertainment Weekly and I noticced near the end that you are looking at doing something more with this? This would be great on Broadway! Anyways, keep up the great work!

    PS: I think you were close with the HULU thing there, but Laminating is actually Lactating. You know how people are

  • Zachary P says:

    Mr. Whedon, I pray to god you look back at these comments because I really wanted to contact someone that worked on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I want to get permission from someone involved in its making to turn this amazing web show into an actual stage musical.

  • Joss, we love you!

    Also, do the Hulu ads on the video help pay the crew too, or should we still encourage people to by it on iTunes?

  • Andres G says:

    I can’t believe there are some bozo’s out there that complain about HULU. Come on people, it’s free! Adding Dr. Horrible is just the latest of many AWESOME reasons to do the HULU.

    That being said, Dr. Horrible is pretty much the funniest thing I have seen in a long time and thanks to HULU I now consider myself a huge Joss Whedon fan as a result of familiarizing myself with Firefly (AMAZING) and Buffy.

    Well done HULU!!!

  • BeggingAndPleading says:

    Okay, I *know* I’m not alone in this…somewhere, someone…can we please, please, PLEASE have a Bad Horse ringtone for Verizon???? I want it bad!!! (As for what that says about me, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable exploring that at the present time.)

  • wotchertonks says:

    I loved this! It reminded me a bit of “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” with the costumes and overacting hero. And the songs are stuck in my head. I must have played On The Rise ten times in a row. And NPH is amazing in everything he does.
    I hope there will be more acts in the future.

  • pidgehuss says:

    I am so happy that this is back up streaming! Some of us do not do the iTunes for various (proprietary) reasons and the wait for the DVD and CD was going to kill me. I want to give The Joss my money for his amazing work, but I cannot do it via The iTunes. Now during the wait, I will be able to play the songs that have been stuck in my head for weeks!

    Also, The Hulu, it rocks as well.

  • DarkOneSS says:

    Ahh! finally! I don’t have to worry about trying to find the different songs/acts on youtube anymore–only to be assaulted with poor quality vids… and I’m so buying the dvd when it comes out… in fact I’ll probably buy several…. And to Spoiled Whiner, thank you for giving me a reason to quote Dr. Horrible… “Wow sarcasm. That’s original.”
    Although I must say I completely concur with your premise.


  • erik says:

    This is so amazing, thanks!

  • Kim F. says:

    This is my first time seeing Dr Horrible. A disc jockey on the radio suggested it was worth watching. I’m a big fan of Joss Wheden, and it’s wonderful to see what Joss can do when he chooses his actors/singers. I’m afraid I’m hooked.

  • palaba says:

    Oh my Vishnu I love that first reply! It is like the total opposite of what I think of Hulu! But you know what THISISREDICULOUS (gold, pure gold) congradu-frickin-lations for having the balls to let your voice be heard! Whining on blogs, well any shmuck can do that, but you have the sheer machismo do whine about free quality content on some of the finest free entertainment web 2.0 has ever had to offer, Hulu and Joss Whedon!

    Thanks “me” for re-streaming this, I didn’t get to catch all of the first ones. And some of us don’t play nice with istuff. I’ll click on every add AND buy the DVD. Because I’m so appreciative I’ll even buy the UMD!


  • The Perfect Neurotic says:

    Since I’ve loved practically everything Joss has put out (not including those crappy season 8 Buffy comics …. blargh, Buffy’s a lesbian no? stupid), anyhow, I knew I’d like this also … but I didn’t think I’d love it.

    I did, love it that is.

    Neil Patrick Harris blew me away. Loved the music. Loved the theatrics and the comedy. Just LOVED it.

  • Elizabeth says:

    How can some say that paying $4 for Dr Horrible on i-Tunes is an outrage? Get a life and get over yourself!
    This has been a wonderful adventure and I’m so happy that it is now available to so many more people because it is back on Hulu. Personally I can’t wait until it’s on i-Tunes in my country so I can gladly pay my money towards the talent that created it.

  • GrrrlRomeo says:

    Oh, thank god. My partner only saw acts I and II and couldn’t catch III due to…I’m not really sure. She had to work and was tired or had a headache. I dunno. But I’ve been holding the spoiler in so long I’ve developed an ucler….which is actually caused by bacteria. Anyway, she can watch it now and I can feel better.

  • Christopher says:

    God lord almighty. This man…this man with his stories. When you try to explain his shows to others you sound like an idiot, cause they’re so weird. But then you watch it, and this idiotic idea becomes awesome as all hell! He can tell any story, brilliant writer…and pretty okay director and comic maker (I kid). But seriously, I love HULU for this and I’m sending this link to everyone I know.

  • Lioness says:

    A number of my friends at work missed the 3rd act because it was on Saturday and I wasn’t there to remind them. They will be so pleased. As will my friends in England. And my friends without iTunes.
    Thanks, Whedon clan.

  • m'cookies says:

    For a while there, QuoterGal, I thought that YOU might be the genius behind Spoiled Whiner. ;)

  • *bows down to Joss and worships*

    I can’t wait to buy the DVD and the soundtrack!

  • Arydrall says:

    I love Dr. Horrible. And while Joss and Hulu are hopefully paying attention…any chance of getting Buffy season three playing? ;) I ran out of episodes and I need my fix bad ;)

  • Potterfan says:

    Oh god thankyou so much for putting this back up, and for free no less. I missed parts two and three due to crap net problems (Mine sucks is the short version). Oh god I thank you from the heart of my bottom, made my millenia.

  • MaryQue says:

    Thank you, Spoiled Whiner — that was brilliant! And I’m very happy to have the good doctor (well, you know, the evil doctor) back up on Hulu. Not everyone has seen it yet, and they really need to….

  • amber says:

    this is an outrage.

    i wasted 4$ on iTunes because Dr. Horrible was supposed to be taken off the web. now, it’s back on? and with more publicity than ever? Hulu, youtube, myspace?

    this needs to be taken down, asap.

  • Sandra says:

    I found Hulu through Dr. Horrible, and now I’ve watched the first two seasons of Doogie Howser (obsessive compulsive, but in that endearing way) here, too. Hooray for Hulu! Hooray for Joss! Hooray for Dr. Horrible!

  • Shaken in So Cal (Earthquakes, anyone?) says:

    Spoiled Whiner… You’re awesome. :-)

  • Lodrelhai says:

    THANK YOU! I dearly love this show and am so glad it’s available again! Now I can keep directing many of my friends who missed the first airing to it.

    Looking forward to the DVD!

  • QuoterGal says:

    Spoiled Whiner, I love you. I was gonna say a lot more – because Doc Horrible IS great and does, in fact, Rock the Proverbial Casbah – but I read your satirical rant and all I can say is you’re beautiful, baybee.

  • Daniel says:

    This is what HULU is all about. Great creation you should be proud I for one would love to see more of this, Joss you have reignited the imagination of the world and given us reasons to enjoy the internet all over again.

  • Asilus says:

    Till now I just keep replaying Dr. Horrible´s and having fun. As soon as I see DVD I will buy it.

  • We'reDoomed says:

    As generous as Joss is…and I do love the man
    Watch it here, but don’t freeload. Buy the downloads.
    Several. Buy the gift ones for your friends, neighbors, ex-hookers, corrupt politicians, TV execs. Give till we get these lovely people called “crew” paid.
    So they can go out and make more…
    (It’s all about me in the end)

  • Laura says:

    Yayyyy!! I’m so glad I can watch this for free!!!!

  • Spoiled Whiner says:

    I’m fed up with Hulu and will never watch it again. Sure, it provides high-quality videos (in fact, the quality is superior to other online video services). Sure, it offers a wide selection of some of best movies and TV shows ever made. Sure, it’s all completely free, and has only limited commercial interruption. Sure, it allows me to watch what I want, whenever and wherever I want to watch it. Sure, the variety of programming is superb, allowing me to find something worth watching every time I visit Hulu; and it has even introduced me to some great movies and TV shows that I never would have watched had they not been posted on Hulu. But I’m not satisfied. I demand more. I don’t feel that Hulu is doing enough to cater to my every selfish whim. Hulu still doesn’t offer every single movie and TV show that I like. Sure, I realize that Hulu can’t post a movie or TV show until it has obtained the rights to do so from the copyright owners — an expensive and time-consuming process. And I know that Hulu is posting new videos every day. In fact, it seems like they are posting new videos as quickly as they can obtain the rights to do so. But I still choose to blame Hulu for the fact that they haven’t posted all of my personal favorites yet. In fact, I choose to blame them for everything that doesn’t go exactly the way I want. If there is a delay in posting a video that I want to watch, or if the video freezes up, or the sound quality is not quite as good as usual, then the only possible explanation is that Hulu is trying to shaft their viewers (technical glitches couldn’t possibly be to blame — those NEVER happen on the internet). But what really infuriates me about Hulu is the fact that they have TV shows and movies that I personally don’t find appealing but that other people apparently like. It almost seems as if they care about other viewers besides me! That’s an outrage!! I demand that Hulu cater only to my viewing preferences, and get rid of all those videos that other people like. Also, when I’m watching a movie, I like to have a big bucket of hot-buttered popcorn and an ice-cold drink. But Hulu doesn’t provide either of these things for me, forcing me to go to the time and expense of preparing them for myself. Clearly Hulu doesn’t care about its viewers. So, even though it means that I’ll no longer have access to all of the high-quality free video content that Hulu has to offer, I’m never going to watch Hulu again. Because I’m an idiot.
    -Spoiled Whiner

  • The Gamut says:


    (And Whedon is SO copying my tendency to get names of things one letter off on purpose or making up phrases or new definitions to existing phrases.)

    (Now that I think about it, rap artists do the same. Don’t they?)

  • Dani [maxsummers] says:

    And the Whedon Clan shall rule the world!

  • QingTing says:

    You know, b!X. Dr. Horrible. It’s that reality show about malpractice…

    (mal, bad, in the latin.)

  • Nicole Navarro says:

    I am very greatful for Hulu. THis is ridiculous needs to get a life. Guess what. I dearly love foreign films. I like them because often they have a different, non- american world view. Since I can generally only get foreign films by renting them or by getting them ON Demand. I am always happy to see them somewhere that I can pick one up for free. I missed this on the original release from joss. I am amazed at how unhappy some of you people are about this site. It is free. It has very, very limited commercials and thanfully I don’t mind most of the commercials on the website. This is a great site that is provided free of charge and I, for one love it. I love the shows that they are putting up. Of course, I do not like every show that they add to the site, but guess what they are trying to find movies and television shows for everyone. SO I would figure that I do not like some, love some, tolerate some etc. I have found several knew television shows that I am throughly enjoying that I never got to see on regular television. I found the awesome Canadian Show Regenesis. I am getting to rewatch psych, in plain site and burn notice. I have gotten to watch television shows from my childhood, facts of life, the fall guy,fame, emergency, a-team ,air wolf,adam 12, bewitched. Even though I have both angel and buffy on dvd, i much prefer to watch them on here. It is so much easier than pulling out the dvds popping them in, having to go put them up to make sure they do not get messed up. I own emergency and highlander on vhs and again prefer to watch both of them here on hulu.
    I like that my child has fallen in love with Alf.. and who;s the boss. I do not have to worry about the commercials that are playing because I have yet to be offended by the commercials on the website. I thank everyone on the Hulu team for the huge effort that they go to in providing us with a great website. I, for one would have been willing to pay for this website. SO, the fact that is free is ten times better. I love the wide variety of movies. Some of my favorite movies have been put up on the site and I would love to see a few more. I would love to see The Greatest Show on Earth, Hatari, Ghandi, Out of Africa etc.. I love that they have included things like 5th element, broken arrow, malone, meet joe black,xanadu, weird science etc
    Thanks hulu team
    I am glad that you dont pull the dissenters comments, but it is a shame that some people are so very self centered and unappreciative that they can not see what a great service that this is.


  • Woohoo! My favorite Dr (and Captain) are available again for free viewing? Thank God/Allah/Buddah/Bob! I bought the show on ITunes last week, but have yet to get Act III’s act together on my IMac (likely, an i.o., I know). Bless you Joss!

  • Diego says:

    I don’t know who made this available for free again, but I love him/her/it! As I can’t yet buy from iTunes (I live in Mexico), I’m waiting for the DVD and soundtrack, but this will do for a while :P

  • skittledog says:

    Heh, whedonesquers taking over…

    Yay, glad it’s back (and still available outside the US! The world, it is collapsing, around my ears… oh no wait… that’s REM). Now I can obsessively watch it even more. But not at work because I really don’t know how to do that in an open-plan office without being extremely visible. Darn.

  • b!X says:

    What’s Dr. Horrible?

  • Thanks so much for the free viewing re-opening. I had a handful of friends who missed it. I did the iTunes thing, but now I can watch it on my laptop too.

    Had a blast watching you guys on the panel last week at Comic Con too. Funniest hour of my life. Thankfully I didn’t need to pee when you and Nathan talked about his little hammer.

    Can’t wait to see the next part and buy the CD and the DVD.

  • arthurtick says:

    I love it when people whine that the free tee shirt wasn’t their favorite color.


    Now, as to making sommat free once more after I paid for it? Hmmm….I feel just a little less special than a few minutes ago.

    Well, you know what they say, “Schmurglepht!” (well, that’s what I heard!)

  • embers says:

    I’m so glad ‘Doctor Horrible’ is streaming again! I must go link it to all of my friends! Yay!

  • Korki says:

    Thanks Joss, oh Mighty Director (and those other writers BTW)! Yay! Well, I already have it from iTunes, but since you ask so nicely and made me chuckle, I will obsessively watch it while I’m at work. If I get fired, it’s your fault! I’ll be excpecting Craft Services, at least. Anyhoo… still a lovely show. Gotta know (not a question, mind you) who the voices are in Bad Horse. My theory there’s only two… :) Wishing it were last Friday! Where’s my Freeze Ray? (Okay, THAT was a question, but rhetorical, so does it count? Ack! Actual question! Don’t answer!)

  • NYPinTA says:

    Ooooo. Yay! I’m not fond of the other iPlace to watch. Can’t wait for the DVD and Commentary! the commentary.


    (Ubiquities= people that are ubiquitous. New word! Right?)

  • Juv says:

    Now I can get my grandparents to watch it. They don’t iTunes. Who loves musicals more than old people (and me)? I’ll just have to explain the vlog thing to them. No problem. Just building more buzz for the soundtrack, DVD, and sequel(s). There better be sequels. And sing-alongs in theaters. My grandparents won’t go to those. But that’s cool. More for me.

  • Wes says:

    Woooo! Go Captain hammer! He’s my hewoe.

  • Dark Juggalo says:

    They did add something on Monday. It was the Spanish movie “that no one has ever heard of”.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Super! Now I can learn all the songs before I buy the DVD. Yay! Captain Hammer! Or–er–not so much. Yay, JosS!

  • Patrick says:

    Nice to see this is back online for free. Thanks Josh!

  • jen says:

    yay! so happy to see dr. horrible is available online again! (even though i have already downloaded it on itunes) any how i cannot wait for the soundtrack to come out!

    thisisrediculous settle down, this is a free site,its not like your paying for it.

  • Ted says:

    Yay! New and improved Dr. Horrible, now with more commercials! ;) So when’s the DVD coming out?


    Alright, I’ve about had it with Hulu… Possibly for good. WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE YOU’RE ADDING!!! A spanish movie that no one’s ever heard off that you add because “it was the inspiration for” a movie that nobody CARES ABOUT!!! AND THEN THIS! You add this as the day 32 debut… even though it’s was up yesterday… AND you didn’t even add anything on Monday. This is getting rediculous. ESPECIALY since you don’t have to add anything on the weekends. This site is getting close to the point where I doubt I’ll be coming back. GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER!!!