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Open Your Eyes

July 27th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Open Your Eyes — or Abre Los Ojos, as this Spanish-language film was called during its theatrical release — is a mind-bending tale with enough plot twists and turns to keep you from guessing the resolution. That is, unless you’ve seen Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe’s 2001 remake of this film.

Rife with melodrama, love and psychological thrills, the story follows handsome Cesar (Eduardo Noriega), whose pretty boy looks are disfigured following a wrong turn made with a jilted lover. His new appearance calls into question his budding relationship with Sofia (Penelope Cruz) and turns him into a bitter, conflicted man who chooses to hide behind a mask. We watch as his world falls apart and starts to come back together, only to fall apart again, and we’re left to piece it all together as Cesar and his psychiatrist explore the thin line between reality and dreams.

In the end, writer-director Alejandro Amenabar creates haunting images of a life spent dreaming, and a final science-fiction twist turns Cesar’s plight into an interesting story about love and madness. From early on, it’s evident that everything in the film is there for a reason; each scene is another piece to Amenabar’s puzzle.

Open your eyes… (),
Rebecca Harper

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  • Bruna says:

    What a beautiful video Steve as soomene expecting in the not too distant future, this got all my maternal love flowing tonight! What a beautiful family you have and what a gorgeous little baby boy. I hope Evelyne is well and that you are all enjoying these first very precious few days with your gorgeous boys .Annabel xXx

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