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ReGenesis, Season 1

July 23rd, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

In a time when tomatoes and jalapenos can cause a major salmonella frenzy, the story lines of today’s Hulu Days of Summer addition seem all the more relevant. A science drama about the fictitious North American Biotechnology Advisory Committee (NorBAC), ReGenesis follows a team of biologists who are the first responders to bioterror attacks and large-scale epidemic outbreaks.

While there’s a bit of House (diagnosis, trip-hop theme song) and CSI (forensics) in ReGenesis, I also think CBS’s NUMB3RS owes a lot to this Canadian import. Just as NUMB3RS uses metaphor and snappy graphics to break down math, ReGenesis uses computer graphics to create an otherwise unseen molecular world (with some artistic license, of course) that helps explain scientific concepts to the audience.

You can tune in to the first season as the NorBAC team tracks down ebola, mad cow disease, bioterrorism, SARS, cancer and the Spanish flu. (And you’ll even get to see Juno‘s Ellen Page.)

As you watch, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering what would really happen if any of these outbreaks occurred. I highly recommend the Ontario Genomics ReGenesis Episode Guide for those curious about the topics covered in the series. Each easily digestible summary offers detailed information about the real-life science used in every episode.

Rebecca (),
Hulu’s Science Buff

Last comment: May 10th 2017 9 Comments
  • s. patricola says:

    Please bring season 3 and 4 to hulu. Dont leave us hanging! I dont want to download from a torrent!

  • Greg says:

    Please bring Season 3 and 4 to Hulu!!!

  • Sara says:

    I enjoyed season 1, once it got past the first 2-3 eps. I cast my vote for bringing in the rest of the seasons!

  • Christen says:

    I really liked this summer addition Hulu, thank you. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show at the odd times you can find this on network television (late night, obscure channels). This show has a great story line- it brings science to life and I hope you will continue to post the rest of the seasons…

  • happyg says:

    Hope you add more seasons of this Hulu. Def a good show that is not well known outside of Canada/ Northern US. Keep up the good work HULU.

  • Zach Swasey says:

    It’d be nice if the episodes weren’t censored. There’s already a Mature Audiences warning, that should be enough for people that want to hear the words “shit” or “fuck”.

  • Nightwork says:

    This is a wonderful addition to Hulu. Thank you so much for finding these shows which I never new existed, and after watching only a few episodes am compelled to watch them all. I can’t wait to see the other seasons. Thanks again.

  • Nicole Navarro says:

    I have watched the first eight episodes. I find it interesting and fun. I loved Ellen Page as the daughter. I like that past episodes are not forgotten, that they stay around as an undercurrent. Thank you Hulu.

  • Wes says:

    Watched the first two epsiodes. Not perfect, but entertaining.