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The Rundown

July 17th, 2008 by Jessica Ivy Creative Services Director

Everyone has a movie that they don’t really want to admit is a favorite, and yet, they’ve watched it over and over and just can’t get enough. The Rundown is that kind of movie for me. Call it a guilty pleasure or a frivolous indulgence, but I can’t help but LOVE it.

The story is simple: An enforcer with a heart of gold — and soft spot for gourmet cooking — takes one last job to win his freedom, and adrenalin-pumping hijinks ensue. But something elevates this little romp to a meaty and satisfying action adventure. In fact, there are five good reasons to watch The Rundown:

No. 1: The Cast

What’s not to love? The cast includes Ewan Bremner (Trainspotting), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a surprisingly likable Seann William Scott, the lovely Rosario Dawson and, of course, Christopher “Can I Get a Little More Cowbell?” Walken. This was The Rock’s third film — it follows his CGI appearance in The Mummy Returns and his first leading role in The Scorpion King — but more importantly, it’s the first time the former pro wrestler shows a commitment to acting. In an opening sequence that’s powerful enough to make you sit up and cheer, Johnson proves that the WWE’s “People’s Champion” doesn’t need a paycheck from Vince McMahon; he’ll do just fine in Hollywood. And who knew he could be such a graceful fighter?

No. 2: Clever Repartee

The Rundown’s script shows great character development, from Beck’s internal struggle against his current circumstances to Travis’ growth from a self-centered man-child to a more empathetic adult. The actors have wonderful chemistry, and the lighter side of the dialogue is nonstop fun.

No. 3 Capoeira Fight Scene

Beck takes on the smallest, fastest, most hardcore freedom fighters in the jungle.

No. 4: Christopher Freakin’ Walken

Don’t make us say it again…

Reason No. 5: Masterful Editing and Sweet CGI

The Rundown has many well-crafted moments that really grab you and pull you in. There is a little moment in the climatic scene where an explosion sends a flaming truck tire at Travis’ head, and it makes me hold my breath every time. I must admit I’ve always wondered whether these moments come from a skilled editor, or from the insightful eye of the great Peter Berg.

I just don’t know — but I like it. I think it’s the perfect addition to the Hulu Days of Summer, and a classic you’ll enjoy again and again as you beat the heat.

Jessica (jessica.ivy@hulu.com),
Hulu’s Adrenalin-Pumping Hijinks Junkie

Last comment: Jul 21st 2008 6 Comments
  • Joe says:


    The 2005 Christmas release THE FAMILY STONE.

  • dc says:

    Mine is Mission to Mars. Friends ridicule me any time I bring it up.

    Anyway, new user to Hulu. Thought it was strange that there is no ‘Favorite’ function, though the Queue function makes a decent replacement. However you can’t add a video to the list if you are watching it, only if it’s listed in a directory format or after the search form does the ‘+’ symbol show up…

  • John says:

    next week’s clues:
    Shermer – maybe The Breakfast Club, Weird Science or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    M6-117 – Pitch Black
    Folkestone – ?????
    NorBAC – ReGenesis (one of my favorite tv shows)
    Oakdale – As the World Turns

  • Randall says:

    I have some thoughts on what the next set of debuts will be. I am pretty sure that “Shermer” refers to a John Hughes film such as Weird Science, The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I also think that M6-117 refers to Pitch Black and NorBAC refers to the Canadian TV show ReGenesis. I am not sure about the other hints at this time.

  • Jessica says:

    Love it – that’s my favorite too!

    There’s so many funny lines – how about ““I’d offer you a beer, but it seems you blew up my bar.”


  • Tom says:

    Contains one of my favorite line deliveries of all time.

    “That’s a lot of cows” — Walken