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The Facts of Life

July 16th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take ‘em both and there you have The Facts of Life.” After spending many of my grade school years watching repeats of today’s Hulu Days of Summer addition, The Facts of Life, those lyrics are forever ingrained in my head.

I grew up a latch-key kid of the ’80s, coming home from school every day with the TV as my babysitter. I might as well have been under the careful watch of Mrs. Garrett, myself. The girls — spoiled Blair, tough-as-nails Jo, chubby Natalie and tattletale Tootie — seemed like older sisters to me.

A spin-off of Diff’rent Strokes (Mrs. Garrett was the Drummonds’ housekeeper), the feel-good series lasted nine seasons, long enough for the girls to graduate from high school, change their hairdos countless times, and begin their lives as grown women. In the course of its run, The Facts of Life hosted several guest stars who went on to become famous, including George Clooney (the hair!), Helen Hunt, Molly Ringwald, Seth Green and Juliette Lewis.

While it’s the Clooney era I remember best — and I swear it has nothing to do with his appearance — I’m excited to go back and relive the third season here on Hulu.

Rebecca (),
Hulu’s Tomboy with a Heart of Gold

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  • wow after all this i feel like eager to watch The Facts of Life

  • Jennifer says:

    Why season 3? Why start in the middle of the series? Can we have seasons 1 and 2? I don’t want to start watching unless I can start at the beginning. Great addition. Another wonderful show from my childhood added, along with ALF, The Fall Guy, Silver Spoons…Can we get Growing Pains, Mr. Belvedere, Charles in Charge, Punky Brewster?

  • nicole navarro says:

    I am surprised how unhappy that some people are. This is a free service with wonderful old classics as well as a lot of new and current tv shows and movies. Do you know why so many of us love the older tv shows? WE can enjoy family friendly fun tv shows that are clean in every sense of the word. They have class or not sometimes, but generally they are very different from many of the current shows and movies. I have thoroughly enjoyed movies and tv shows. I have had the ability to watch some old classic movies that I have not seen, lots of tv shows from my childhood and before. I truly appreciate the hard work that everyone involved with Hulu has gone to bringing these great movies and tv shows to us

  • Rebecca says:

    Leelee, Hulu has full episodes of Married…With Children. You can watch them here:

  • Leelee says:

    I wasnt sure where else to write this but I had a request.. could you add episodes of Married with Children to Hulu? It was definately a classic comedy show that I grew up with and loved and now i cant find episodes online.
    Thanks and keep up the good work on Hulu, the site is awesome!

  • gooooooooooooooooooood

  • Blair says:

    I think Facts of Life is a great addition. It’s a fun show that dealt with some serious issues.

  • Adam says:

    Could you please stop posting stuff like this? I mean this is the “DAYS OF SUMMER” !!! Post more classic comedies, or sci-fi hits, that’s what it’s ALL about, the past few days have been a real drag… when are we gonna see more good movies? Hmmm? Like MIB, Ghostbuster, and 5th Element. Not to mention Lost in Translation, and Spotless Mind were also good. If it’s not too much to ask I personally think Jurassic Park should go up, since you seem to have the rights to Universal. Also Kingpin is a classic summer comedy with MORE BILL MURRAY!

    Haha, yes this was a bit of a rant. But the past stuff has been boring!!!


  • STOP IT! says:

    STOP PUTTING TERRIBLE STUFF UP ON THE SITE!!! FOR GOD’S SAKE START PUTTING GOOD STUFF BACK UP AGAIN!!! For a little while I was like… summer days… big woop. Then you started to add ACTUALLY GOOD STUFF, and I was like… Hey hey, alright! Ya know, Men in Black was great. The nutter professor 2 was pretty decent. 5th element was wonderful… It’s Always Sunny in Philly is a GREAT show, etc etc. Jerry Mcguire was… meh… But it was decent enough considering I’d never seen it. And then you start adding CRAP!! Carold Burnette? Retard McGee or whatever the other one was. Fiddler on the roof!? FACTS OF LIFE!!!! COME ON!!! YOU GUYS AREN’T EVEN TRYING AT THIS POINT! I’m pretty positive the only reason you’re starting to add all this older stuff is because you don’t have to hardly anything (if anything at all) for the rights of usage to them. START PUTTING GOOD STUFF UP AGAIN OR YOU’LL HAVE PERMANENTLY LOST AT LEAST ONE VIEWER!