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July 16th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

New this week: Mini episodes of your favorite NBC shows, your favorite news guys return from summer vacation, and Paris Hilton delivers some cheap thrills.

Web Exclusives

The Office team returns with another round of web-only episodes for the summer. While last year’s focus was on finding $3,000 that went missing from the accounting ledger, this time Kevin is looking for a loan to fund Malone’s Cones. In the first 2-minute webisode, “Money Trouble,” Kevin quizzes Oscar on the dos and don’ts of getting a loan.

Another NBC favorite, Heroes, is also running a series of web episodes called “Going Postal.” In the first webisode, “A Nifty Trick,” a typical postman discovers an extraordinary talent after a run-in with a Doberman.

Back from Summer Break

They’re back in the news: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert return in full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Get your dose of the daily headlines, from Indecision 2008 to The Word.

Gaming News

For video game buffs, G4’s E3 ’08 Live offers coverage of this year’s Gamers’ Conference. From a hands-on demo of Sierra’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game to the E3 trailer for Resident Evil 5, it covers the latest news from this week’s E3 conference.

Guilty Pleasures

Finally, here’s something about watching starlets meet their maker in slasher flicks. It’s even better when that starlet is Paris Hilton or even the pop star Pink. Sure, the scripts aren’t the best and the celebs won’t be winning Oscars any time soon, but Nine Lives (starring Paris Hilton) and Catacombs (featuring Pink) rely on psychological chills, screams and celebrity appearances for thrills.



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