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The Dresden Files

July 9th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Private detective Harry Dresden has it all: good looks, a growing practice and luck with the ladies. But the thing that makes the Chicago P.I. particularly successful is what also makes him unique. Dresden is a wizard, so he uses magic to help solve cases in The Dresden Files, today’s Hulu Days of Summer debut.

I missed this show during its one-season run last year. It’s a shame, too, because it has all the things I love in a good paranormal show. Like his counterparts on Buffy, Angel and Charmed, Dresden encounters the seedier underbelly of his city, including ghosts, vampires, werewolves, incubi and even dragons, and he uses spells, a magical hockey stick and good old-fashioned fighting skills to overpower and banish the bad guys to another realm.

Dresden doesn’t do it all by himself, of course. He has help from Lt. Connie Murphy, a tough cop who comes to Dresden whenever she encounters supernatural cases; Bob, a dry-witted medieval ghost who serves as his adviser; and Morgan, a warden from the High Council of wizards who’s a stickler for rules.

With a magical mix of detective noir and fantasy, plus a pinch of snarky humor, The Dresden Files is a fun escape for this summer. No wonder it’s been among the most requested shows from our users, and we know many of you will be happy to see it here on Hulu. Tune in for a spell and share your review on any episode page.


Last comment: Sep 12th 2008 5 Comments
  • Amanda says:

    God, I miss this show. I wish The Scifi Channel would bring it back with new episodes. It’s not too late. :(

  • TomCorbitt says:

    The shows were great but the books are better.

  • kerriberrieboo says:

    as long as we are pulling out requests of what we’d like to see :-D moonlight(CBS) and the black donnellys(NBC) would be fun too

  • Z-Force 920 says:

    I really liked Dresden Files on TV, and am looking forward to viewing the ones I missed (and all the rest too) on Hulu.

    I don’t know if there is forum for requests, but I would really like to see Farscape (from Sci Fi channel) on Hulu. Any idea when that is likely to happen? or how I can request it?

    Z-Force 920