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July 9th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This week brings even more classics to Hulu, with a circa-1980s animated feature about some overly intelligent lab rats, a classic Dickens tale and two vintage television shows.

We’ve also introduced new keyboard shortcuts to make mouse-free viewing a little easier. Now you can press the space bar to pause and resume playing, while hitting the “F” key switches to full-screen mode.

More Movies

The Secret of NIMH is a trip down memory lane, the 1982 animated adaptation of the Newbury prize-winning Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Touching, inspiring and at times a little scary, The Secret of NIMH tells the story of a family of field mice and a society of super-intelligent rats who want to free themselves from their dependence on humans.

Another classic tales comes to Hulu this week: Nicholas Nickleby, based on the Charles Dickens story. It takes us to 19th-century England while a penniless young Nicholas Nickleby (Charlie Hunnam) struggles to overcome the obstacles his scheming uncle (Christopher Plummer) places in front of him. Anne Hathaway (just after her turn in the first The Princess Diaries), Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming are also featured in smaller roles.

More Classic Television

Ann Romano is a recently divorced mom raising her two strong-headed daughters on One Day at a Time.
We have the first season of its nine-year run, complete with Schneider, the lovable building superintendent; Julie, the rebellious older daughter; and Barbara, the more mature younger daughter. Like many shows of the mid ’70s, it broached sensitive subjects, including birth control, pre-marital sex and suicide.

After leaving WJM-TV, Mary Richards’ famously gruff boss, Lou Grant (played by the Emmy-winning Lou Asner), returned to his roots as a newspaper editor in Los Angeles. Like One Day at a Time, Lou Grant touched on the era’s hot topics, as well as the ethics involved with journalism. Season 2 is now available on Hulu.

And the winner is…

In case you missed it, Chef Ramsey picked a winner on last night’s Hell’s Kitchen finale. Did Chef choose the creative Petrozza or the more reliable Christina? Tune in to find out:

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Last comment: Jul 12th 2008 4 Comments
  • macswife says:

    Please work with G4 to show Code Monkeys. I lost G4 from my cable package and can’t see this show anymore.

  • Grace says:


    I’m so glad you’re putting up these really great shows! Please put up some old classic Cary Grant movies like “His Girl Friday”!! They’re in the public domain, but quality is usually not good! I’m sure plenty of people will appreciate such great classic films!

  • jon says:

    keyboard controls don’t really work since you first have to click on the playing video to make them work. then if you esc out of full screen and hit f it won’t go back. you have to click on the video which pauses it and then hit f to go full screen so you still need a mouse. i would love this feature, but I need it to work without a mouse…

  • Laforge129 says:


    Are you going to bring “Touched by an Angel” to Hulu? I would love to have that show on HULU!!