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Jerry Maguire: ”You Had Me at Hello”

July 3rd, 2008 by Betina Chan-Martin Product Manager

Today’s Hulu Days of Summer release, Jerry Maguire, owes much of its success to the remarkable script and screenplay by Cameron Crowe. The plot is relatively simple: Sports agent Jerry Maguire suffers a nervous breakdown and decides that the sports management business has sold out. He leaves his agency in hopes of opening his own business. Dorothy Boyd — played by Renée Zellweger, virtually unknown at the time — applauds Jerry’s courage and decision, quits her job at the firm and decides to help Jerry on his mission. Jerry subsequently loses all his clients to his former sports management agency, but one — Rod Tidwell (played by the effervescent Cuba Gooding, Jr.), a wide receiver who has been down on his luck — offers Jerry his only chance for honest success. The movie continues on, testing relationships, partnerships and boundaries until, at the end, Rod makes a huge career leap. Rod’s success, and ultimately his own, makes Jerry realize that his one true love happens to be his best friend and his one true supporter, Dorothy.


The story makes for a good drama but what makes Jerry Maguire most memorable to me are the quotes. They’re now iconic: The ”Show me the money” phone call where Rod challenges Jerry to be a better agent, Jerry’s ”You complete me” plea for a second chance with Dorothy, and her ”You had me at hello” response all keep this movie ingrained in our culture.

These standout lines make Jerry Maguire not only a great summer blockbuster (perfect for the Hulu Days of Summer), but also a timeless classic that crosses gender lines, sure to be a remembered for years to come.

Enjoy, (Betina)

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