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Our Call of Duty

June 27th, 2008 by Andy Forssell Acting CEO and SVP of Content

A couple months ago, we received a call from the Department of Defense asking if we could help support the recovery of injured soldiers in Veterans’ Hospitals around the country. They specifically asked if we could get a bunch of military-themed films on Hulu, and even gave us a list of famous war movies and television shows that they would like to have available. At the time, the closest thing we had was a couple seasons of McHale’s Navy, which would certainly cure anyone’s jones for Ernest Borgnine, but probably not much else.

The good folks at Twentieth Century Fox were able to provide eight films that capture much of the triumph and pain of war from their library. The Longest Day, the multi Oscar-winning movie about D-Day told from the perspectives of the Allied and German forces, had a great cast, including Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Red Buttons, Eddie Albert and Paul Anka. The Sand Pebbles was nominated for eight Academy Awards (including Best Actor for the great Steve McQueen) and co-starred Richard Attenborough and Candice Bergen.

We now also have 1943’s Guadalcanal Diary, produced while WWII was still being fought, with a young Anthony Quinn in the cast; and also 2001’s Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. There are four other classic films as well.

I have to admit that I was a little confused by the Department of Defense’s request: If I were an injured soldier, would I want to watch a bunch of war movies in my recovery? It didn’t make sense to me. But the camaraderie among and between soldiers is a unique thing, and in many ways not comprehensible to those of us outside the armed services. Shared and sharing experiences go a long way toward getting these folks through their jobs, their tours and, in this case, their recoveries.

So if a small collection of war movies (and McHale’s Navy!) can help in any way, we are happy to supply them.

Good luck and thank you to all of our veterans,


P.S. For clues to next week’s lineup, visit the Hulu Days of Summer page and see if you can crack the code.

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  • Alan says:


  • redneckman says:

    idk how to leave sugjestions so i was wondering if hulu could add stargate sg1 or/and stargate atlantis because it is awesome and would attract millions of stargate fans because stargate is realllllly popular rite now

  • redneckman says:

    is the next movie going to be Jerry Maguire because PA 814-030
    is its Copyright Registration Number

  • Thomas says:

    Hulu Days of Summer CLUES CRACKED:

    Wednesday 7/2: Men in Black
    Thursday 7/3: The Mary Tyler More Show (3rd season?)
    Friday 7/4: Jerry Maguire

  • jake says:

    “It didn’t make sense to me. But the camaraderie among and between soldiers is a unique thing, and in many ways not comprehensible to those of us outside the armed services.”

    I wish more people who have not served were able to make this simple admission. The humility is refreshing.

  • Alowaish says:

    More NewsRadio!!

  • anonymous says:

    way to support our war fighters and support personnel — with 8 war movies. the rand corporation recently reported that there are 300,000 or more veterans with PTSD as well as other mental health issues. according to a FOX poll, over 70% of US citizens feel that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were/are mistakes and that our service personnel should return home. the notion that the DD is honoring their veterans, that Hulu is making a positive contribution or that online viewers are constructively supporting military personnel by watching 8 gung-ho flicks is terribly insulting. our veterans deserve more. try putting on any of the amazing and brilliant documentaries about the war. or, consider some of the brilliant anti-war movies — including some in the 20th library.

  • Doug says:

    Great site. Great movies. Really enjoyed Blue Max, but please fix the typo in the header for the movie. It’s WWI, not WWII.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks for this Hulu. And a big thanks to our troops from me as well!

  • A. Lendle says:

    Way to go Hulu!

  • Matt says:

    … and Arquette….

  • Dennis says:

    As a veteran myself, a big thanks to Hulu and Twentieth Century Fox for allowing us to view the excellent collection.

  • Tom says:

    OoOooo … a little bit of Lynch aye?

  • Amanda says:

    thanks for the suggestions! I really enjoy war movies.

  • Trevor says:

    I was wondering if Hulu could put on the seasons of Smallville