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June 25th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

While the Hulu Days of Summer moves forward, we’re continuing to add more to the site, from minisodes of your favorite fighterfighter drama to headlines from the evening news. Here’s what’s new to Hulu this week:

Rescue Me Minisodes

Although new episodes of Rescue Me aren’t due until next spring, Hulu offers an alternative to fill in the gap: Rescue Me Minisodes featuring the 62 Truck guys. Although the storylines are typically unrelated to the series, it’s a chance to see the crew at its finest — giving each other a hard time at the firehouse. In the first five-minute installment, pretty boy Sean goes on a cleansing fast, abstaining from food, booze and caffeine because he’s been “feeling toxic.” The rest of the company, of course, takes issue with this, beginning a tirade of toilet humor that culminates in the ultimate temptation: Lou’s homemade doughnuts.

The Latest News, Now on Hulu

To help you stay on top of current events, Hulu now offers segments from three of NBC’s leading news programs — all updated daily. Clips from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams cover important topics and stories from around the world, while our excerpts from the Today Show include great interviews, summer recipes and in-depth human interest stories, letting you tune in to the segments you’re most interested in. Finally, for more in-depth political coverage, NBC’s Meet the Press asks tough questions of policy makers. Several of the current clips (including this one) feature the best moments from the late host, Tim Russert.

You Asked For It: More Lost in Space

Lost in Space fans, we’re listening. Episodes from the third season of the space-age classic are now available. In this final season, the Robinson family travels to far-flung worlds in an attempt to reach Earth or Alpha Centauri. Lost in Space is a fun, fast-paced adventure filled with 1960s-era special effects and explosions, aliens, spaceships and kitschy costumes and sets.

A Cosmic Voyage

Brush up on your science knowledge with a sweeping view of the universe. Morgan Freeman narrates Cosmic Voyage, a compelling short film about the big bang theory, particle physics and evolution, keeping the terminology light enough for novices to follow. The first portion explores the outer reaches of our universe before moving inward to protons, electrons and quarks. It’s an interesting recap of modern science delivered with beautiful cinematography and cutting-edge computer animation.

Enjoy, (Rebecca),
Hulu Editor

Last comment: Jun 26th 2008 2 Comments
  • Dan says:

    Hello, thanks for all the new content! Hulu just gets better and better every day!!

    One question, how do we request new content? I see references to people asking for stuff.


  • Adam says:

    hey is there any way you might be able to put the tv show Titus on here? that would just be awesome! thanks for your time