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Introducing… ALF, Season 1

June 25th, 2008 by Brendan Haney Manager, Advertising Operations

As a child of the late ’80s, I am honored to introduce ALF to the Hulu Days of Summer. It’s hard to believe that this strange, hairy creature from the planet Melmac would have such an influence on pop culture. There was a time when he made the rounds on the talk show circuit and his not-so-handsome visage would appear on everything from lunchboxes to underwear.

I used to watch the show with my dad as a young boy (yes, I’m that young), and while he laughed at the dry wit and one-liners, I chuckled at the funny creature who chased the cat across the screen. This wasn’t exactly the Sesame Street that my mom wanted me to watch, but we got away with it. She appeared to disapprove, although there were moments (usually of great distress) when Mom’s ALF impression would bubble to the surface. These impersonations would cause uproarious laughter from Dad and me because we knew that, deep down, Mom liked ALF, too.

I am very excited to relive my childhood by catching my favorite episodes of ALF, Season 1 on Hulu. Please sit back, take a peek into the simpler times of the 1980s, and enjoy the zaniness of our favorite orange-haired Alien Life Form. (Having a cat within reach is optional, but I suggest the tabby; Siamese is too lean.)

Brendan Haney
“That would be nice!”

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