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Angel – Season 1 Debuts Today

June 23rd, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

The Hulu Days of Summer continues this week, starting with the premiere of the first season of Angel. If you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’re probably familiar with her demon-killing boyfriend from the first few seasons of the show, Angel (played by Bones star David Boreanaz). Although Angel is a vampire himself, he’s not like other blood-suckers: A band of gypsies restored his human soul as punishment for murdering one of their own. As a result, he’s plagued by guilt and remorse for all of the lives he ended to feed his thirst for blood — he’s a vampire with a conscience, if you will.

After three seasons of kicking demon butt alongside Buffy, he ultimately decided to continue paying penance for his past sins by moving to — where else? — Los Angeles. And so Angel begins. As the city’s newest private detective, he fights evil in order to help the helpless.

Angel keeps a lot of the same humor I enjoy so much in Buffy, but its stories are a little darker. After all, Buffy’s a suburban high school student, while Angel has immersed himself in the seedier underbelly of Los Angeles. With the help of Cordelia (Buffy’s high-maintenance gal pal) and a few others, Angel uses his skills to rescue wannabe actresses from bloodthirsty vampires, save yuppies from parasitic monsters, and protect single twentysomethings from jealous ghosts, all as he battles the demons within.

With cameos from your favorite Buffy stars, including Oz, Wesley, Faith and even Buffy herself, Season 1 is a lot of fun — and it’s all available on Hulu, including the first episode:


Last comment: Jun 25th 2008 5 Comments
  • Mrhelms says:

    cant wait for the rest of angel to be uploaded but am happy to relive the 1st season!!!!

  • Dallas Drew says:

    I signed up for the Hulu RSS feed and am continually getting the same thing about Angel over and over. Please figure this out!

  • Shortygirl says:

    If Hulu has added Angel why can’t they add charmed as well? Theres eight seasons of witchie goodness!

  • bookladyinred says:

    This is the most wonderful service ever! More networks should get in on this. I especially love the old shows we get to watch again! THANKS :->

  • sapere_aude says:

    I’m glad that you’ve posted the first season of Angel; but wouldn’t it have made more sense to post the third season of Buffy first? After all, Angel begins where the third season of Buffy ends; and several of the first season Angel episodes are cross-overs with fourth season Buffy episodes. Just a thought.