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June 19th, 2008 by Mark Forbes Senior Content Partner Manager

The fourth day of the Hulu Days of Summer brings some cerebral content to the site: Five new series from Hulu’s newest content provider, PBS.

When I was a child, I often got to stay up late to watch Nova with my parents. Not only did the show foster a love for science, but also a keen interest in the spectacular — and Nova has both in abundance. Nova comes to Hulu with 14 amazing episodes, from the Lost King of the Maya to a behind-the-scenes look at the Mars Exploration Rover project.

In addition to Nova, we’re launching 10 episodes of Scientific American Frontiers — an entertaining look at the latest trends in science, medicine, technology and the environment with the ever-charismatic host, Alan Alda. In a similar vein, we have 10 episodes of Wired Science, spotlighting the latest in cutting-edge research and technology as it redefines our culture, brought to you by the team behind Wired Magazine. If you like the magazine, you will love this show. Architecture and design fans will want to tune into design: e2. It moves “green” to the forefront of building practices and habitability, bringing sustainable architecture indoors as it explores the impact on concrete jungles and our homes alike.

My newest favorite, Carrier, takes you aboard the USS Nimitz — a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — and gives you an incredible look at the day-to-day operations of one of the world’s largest warships. It shows what it’s like to manage an airport that floats 24 stories off the water; check out this clip of Navy F-18 pilots taking off from the flight deck at 130 miles per hour:

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about PBS is that they are publicly supported, with no commercial breaks in their shows. We’ve done our best to support that format here at Hulu. While you’ll see a couple short advertisements at the beginning of each show, as well as some “overlay” ads (the ads that appear at the bottom of a video), we’ve made sure you can watch episodes as they were intended, with no ad breaks.

Love what you see? Continue to support your local PBS station to keep great shows like these coming. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see more from PBS — and it’s a good bet that I’ll be staying up late to watch!

Mark Forbes

Last comment: Aug 2nd 2010 8 Comments
  • juls says:

    i am really bummed that you are not showing “are you being served” or “keeping up appearances”. these shows really bring back good memories. Nana and i used to watch them all the time. i really miss that ;so to one lonely grandchild to another maybe we could see these show. it would make my heart melt thanks

  • Darlene says:

    I’m a semi-nubbie to “Hulu” and I’m simply “mad about you! With that being said,
    Please,please add Joan of Arcadia. You’ve already won me over with episodes
    of “Dead Like Me” and Flashback. You guys are SIMPLY THE BEST!

  • fe says:

    Amen to Poirot and Mrs. Marple…and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, add one of the best brit-sits ever: The Vicar of Dibley. I know not a lot of people know it, but I’ll watch it so many times you’ll think you’ve reached the entire east coast 18-49 demographic.

  • Leftoversushi says:

    I agree with Elizabeth: you should add Are You Being Served and other classic British tv shows such as Classic Doctor Who. The original The Office would also be nice. But right now, the only show I would LOVE to see on Hulu (which I mention to all of my college friends) is Are You Being Served? but Doctor Who would be a nice bonus ;)

  • sapere_aude says:

    I’m glad you’ve got some PBS shows up now. I love PBS. NOVA and Scientific American Frontiers are both excellent shows. But, as long as you’re adding PBS content, I would suggest that you also try to get FRONTLINE, which is the best news documentary series ever (yeah, I can watch it on the PBS website; but I’d love to have it available on Hulu, too). Another favorite PBS series is Mystery! It would be great to be able to watch Poirot, Marple, Inspector Lynley, etc. on Hulu. And as long as I’m mentioning British shows, PLEASE ADD DOCTOR WHO!!! (and also Spooks, and the original version of The Office, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Blackadder, and The Avengers — I could go on … ). And, while I’ve got you on the line (so to speak), here are a few other suggestions: Smallville, Veronica Mars, Mission: Impossible (the TV show, not the movies), and Columbo. I’m sure I could come up with dozens of more suggestions; but, for now at least, I’ll be content with these. :-)

  • Arthur says:

    The PBS show Design e2 is such a great addition. Hulu: try to get their second season online.

  • Calvin says:

    Great to see the addition of PBS, great shows such as Wired are welcome. Thanks again Hulu, at this rate I might have to watch TV anymore. That is better for everyone, the advertisers don’t waste money on TV viewers that might not be there, I get my programs when I want to watch them, and Hulu makes money so it has a better bargaining chip to provide us more content.

  • elizabeth says:

    So I’m in LOVE with Hulu….I live in Puerto Rico and have no TV. I refuse to pay for cable, and local channels are horrible!! Now I can finally sit back and watch some good shows and not have to pay a fortune! I love it! If only we could get some BBC shows on here. I really miss “are you being served”. My only problem is this: Some days will pass and i will watch hours of tv on hulu. Then, there are some days were I can’t watch anything because the streaming is low quality, and I only get blips…it makes me SAD :( Can someone tell me why this happens?