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New Feature – Embedded Search

June 5th, 2008 by Ting-hao Yang Technology Director

At Hulu, our mission is to help users find and enjoy premium video content. When you want to track down something online, Web search is usually the first thing that comes to mind; it’s one of the true joys of the Internet that I can’t imagine surfing without. Think up what you want and locate it immediately: It’s a hard proposition to beat.

From Firefly and Gossip Girl to Heroes and South Park, we know there are a lot of videos you want to watch, and the Hulu Beijing team works hard every day to make the search experience at Hulu.com live up to your expectations. To that end, we offer search results not only from the 50-plus content providers available at Hulu.com, but also from other premium video sites across the Web.

And to make the process even easier for you, we’ve just released a new feature that lets you search for videos from Hulu players that are embedded on blogs, social networking sites and similar pages on the Web. Your search results will appear directly in the Hulu video screen, and you don’t have to leave the player to watch the Hulu video of your choice. If your search results include videos that aren’t on Hulu, the link goes directly to that video’s page. Here’s how it works:

Type your search query into the text field in the top right corner of an embedded Hulu player.

Embedded Search 1

You’ll get immediate results, displayed right on the video screen. You can scroll right or left to browse, or click on the search term (in this case, “arrested development”) to go to Hulu.com for more results.

Embedded Search 2

When you find the video you want to watch, click on the thumbnail to begin viewing immediately.

Embedded Search 3

Give it a try here, with this clip from Spider-Man, the animated series:

Happy searching, (Tinghao Yang),
Hulu Beijing

Last comment: Dec 2nd 2008 3 Comments
  • hey nice ideas! continue to work in this manner. good luck!

  • don jones says:

    Do not you read your movie reviews? When they suck why do you keep them? It just takes up browsing time and puts me in a bad mood, as there are so many.

    Who ever told you Burt Reyynolds made a good flick. I will bet none of you are past 25. You have no idea of a really good movie. With few exceptions all stuff is childish or ghoulish or foolish.

  • Great feature, extremely userfriendly and especially when having the player embedded outside of hulu.com itself!