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June 4th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Summer’s almost here! Though the official start of summer is still a couple of weeks away, the “second season” on TV kicked off this week, with a new series about a tough-talking Federal marshal who’s also a babe, plus an inside view at the oh-so-complicated lives of some infamous Hollywood moms — and a whole lot more!

New Series

Federal marshals Mary Shannon (played by West Wing’s Mary McCormack) and Marshall Mann help witnesses adjust to their new lives and identities. Dealing with mobsters, drug dealers and call girls on In Plain Sight, Mary and Marshall do it all, from picking up groceries and dealing with the cable company to roughing up suspects and tracking down murderers. With Mary’s tough-but-sexy demeanor and witty remarks, this is one summer show you don’t want to miss.

Reality Check

After watching the first batches of clips from Living Lohan and Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, we can tell LiLo’s mom and the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen will give us plenty to watch this summer. Our collection of clips from each show gives you the highlights of each episode in convenient, one- to two-minute doses like this one from Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.

Finals Fever

With the Red Wings leading the Stanley Cup finals 3-2, tonight’s matchup in Pittsburgh could determine who gets to have their names engraved on The Holy Grail. Game 5 of the series on Monday featured some of the best moments in NHL history. If you missed any of the action, check out the Red Wings vs. Penguins, Game 5 in its entirety right here on Hulu. More of a basketball fan? Catch highlights of the Lakers vs. the Celtics as the NBA Finals get underway tomorrow night.

Series Spotlight

After Hours with Daniel features acclaimed French chef Daniel Boulud as he hosts after-hour dinner parties at the hottest restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. As a recent transplant to L.A., I’m looking forward to eating at all of the spots Daniel visited in season 2. I can already check Father’s Office off my list; I think Pizzeria Mozza is next.

Remembering Earle Hagen

Composer Earle Hagen passed away on May 26 at the age of 88. He wrote and performed the theme songs to many classic TV shows, including the whistled theme to the Andy Griffith show, plus songs for Mod Squad, Eight is Enough, That Girl and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Earle, you’ll be missed.

Enjoy the show! (Rebecca ),
Hulu Editor

Last comment: Jun 10th 2008 4 Comments
  • Kakunka says:

    I don’t know how you guys select the movies you get, but I’d certainly suggest James Coburn’s cult films “The President’s Analyst”, “Our Man Flint”, etc. . .
    I enjoyed watching Jimmy Stewart in “Broken Arrow”.

    You guys are doing a great job.

  • Talizi says:

    Very nice! Finals were good.

  • Merlin says:

    Nice that you have the Penguins Final Game – Even though they lost it was still a good run – EXCEPT – Your banner on the front has PittsburgH <<<< Note H in Pittsburgh, You left the H off Proof Read.

  • bmac says:

    speaking of finals (well, not really, more like finales), it would be helpful if hulu could indicate an episode is a season finale. I was watching the office having no idea until I read the comments that it was. I would have savored it all the more!