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It’s Not Just About the Shoes

May 30th, 2008 by Taunya Brandi Sr. Manager, Human Resources

Sex and the City: The Movie premieres today, and many of the SATC fans in the office have already purchased their tickets for the weekend. Having watched every episode of the series from beginning to end, I feel pretty attached to Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

Sarah Jessica Parker recently appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio to discuss the film, as well as the impact of the original series. We have a number of clips from her interview with James Lipton, including this one, where she talks about getting back into the role of Carrie Bradshaw after a four-year break:

I can’t wait to see what happens with Carrie and Big, but until showtime, I’m catching up with the girls, thanks to clips like this one from Hollywood News:

You can find more clips in our Sex and the City: The Movie collection.

Here’s to a fairy tale ending, (Taunya)

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  • vhiel says:

    my husband just love your site. He was able to watch those old tv shows that you cannot watch on tv anymore. I cannot make him get up on the computer anymore.

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  • Josh Jasper says:

    Some (long rambly) feedback:

    An 8 day delay between the broadcast release of a TV show and the uploading to Hulu is only going to make “other means” of obtaining a viewable show more interesting to me.

    This probably isn’t Hulu’s decision, but you guys are getting hurt by this. Unless a show I want to watch is going to be on your site, I have no reason to visit again.

    Also, why pull older episodes? Unless you’re padding statistics by pulling content to allow you to claim you’re sold out of inventory, there’s no good reason to pull content unless you’ve got a legal requirement to do so. I might want to watch an old episode of BSG again. I might have paid iTunes to be able to re-watch. I can’t do that with you guys. Unless you’re able to compete in terms of re-watchability with pay download sites, you’re not really adding any value. It might be worth $1.99 just to go to amazon unbox and download from there, rather than put up with flaky schedules and irregular content.

    This may or may not be allowed (only happy positive feedback is allowed on the blog?). But perhaps I’ll be reviewed and passed up the chain. One can only hope. I’ve worked in customer service for a large media company doing something similar to what you’re doing. It’s thankless. You’re might be restricted from saying much about what’s really going on behind the scenes, and have good reasons for that. It’s probably the publishers who’re stopping you from putting out content on a regular schedule, and possibly ordering you to pull it.

    But let them know, it sucks. It’s not making for for a good user experience, and they’re not helping you compete. This site could be really great. I wish it were allowed to be great.

    -Josh Jasper
    NY, NY

  • Nissi1 says:

    When will you add more movies?

  • Talizi says:

    Thank you. It’s very good!

  • Dok Jaroch says:

    It is a darn shame, that all the great commercials on Hulu, have to be continually interrupted with short…very short…movie clips.

  • Ethan Bauley says:

    Love Hulu, thanks so much!

    The streaming cuts out and needs to “buffer” about every 120 seconds…and I’m running a late model Mac w/ a blazing cable modem connection. This has been happening for the last few months [I was an early beta tester and connectivity was fine then]

    Please fix this! It’s breaking my heart…Hulu is unusable w/ this fundamental problem!

    Feel free to contact me for more help…I’m using Safari and Firefox, same diff…