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May 28th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Recently added to Hulu: A coming-of-age drama from the ’90s and a modern-day web series that takes an irreverent look at the lives of a group of twentysomethings. In addition, House wraps up the season with an emotional finale, the top teams in the NBA and NHL battle it out, and a wine enthusiast shares his love for all things grape.

New Series

Before there was Jack Shephard, there was Party of Five’s Charlie Salinger — the eldest of five brothers and sisters whose parents were tragically killed in an accident. As Charlie copes with being in charge — and the inheritance dwindles — Bailey, Julia, Claudia and Owen learn about life, love and growing up. Catch the third season, now on Hulu.

Not just another web series about blogging, 2/8 Life is a humorous riff on life on and off the Internet. Part of the generation that’s racing to change the world, aspiring writer Angela is pacing herself— and when she starts blogging about the lives of her group of friends, she finds that none of them are really all that interesting.

Episode Spotlight

In a moving two-part season finale, House first recreates a bus accident in order to discover which passenger’s life is at risk in House’s Head, and then puts his life on the line for Wilson as they fight to save a loved one in Wilson’s Heart. Did House make the right decision? Share your review with the rest of Hulu.

Sports Spotlight

Do the Red Wings have what it takes to shut out the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals? Watch as Detroit vies for a 3-0 lead in the series. Meanwhile, as the Lakers face off with the Spurs and the Pistons try to shut down the Celtics, we have all the excitement of the NBA Playoffs, from full games to highlight reels, anytime, right here on Hulu.

Show Spotlight

Want some wine with attitude? Tune in to The Thunder Show for host Gary Vaynerchuk’s color commentary on the world of wine. Whether you tune in for more info about the wines, Gary’s contagious enthusiasm about his subject, or the sight of him spitting into a New York Jets bucket, you’re sure to walk away a little more knowledgeable about grapes. Check out the Costco wine tasting episode — where he tastes three Kirkland-brand wines — and see if he found any winners.

Have a favorite Hulu show you’d like to see in the spotlight? Share it with us in the comments section.

Hulu Editor

Last comment: Jun 7th 2010 4 Comments
  • Colton Phipps says:

    PLEASE add The Next Food Network Star.

  • Colton Phipps says:

    flickik said it!! PLEASE add The Next Food Network Star!!!

  • flickik says:

    Since we’re talking summer programming on Hulu, I’d love to see more episodes of Psych and some of The Food Network’s shows, like Ace of Cakes and The Next Food Network Star.

    I think Hulu’s programming is great and I love the screen layout when watching and navigating. Thanks.

  • Chris says:

    Thanks for adding Party of Five! I loved this show growing up!