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May 20th, 2008 by Eric Yellin Content Distribution

This week, you may start seeing Hulu pop up in new places. In order to bring Hulu to the many online communities that people are already using, our content is now available on popular TV- and movie-oriented sites, as well as social networking sites.

Our new content distribution partners provide Hulu with a bigger footprint on the Internet, getting more and more users familiar with all the things you count on from Hulu — outstanding video quality, innovative technology and great content — so that users around the web can watch their favorites, anytime, for free, at their favorite sites.

So where can you find Hulu? You can already stream our videos on AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo. And starting today, Hulu is also available through TV.com, home to millions of TV fans who connect through their favorite shows.


You’ll also find Hulu videos on great sites like these in coming weeks:

  • TV Guide, the Web site for the iconic TV brand name — and home to one of the web’s leading TV fan sites.
  • Break.com, a leading video destination site for guys.
  • Zap2it, a leading TV, movie and entertainment community.
  • BuddyTV, a leading TV fan site that is host to forums, news, spoilers and interviews.
  • Flixster, the largest movie community on the web, where users can rate, share, review and discover films they love.
  • myYearbook, the third-largest and fastest-growing social network in the U.S.

We’re looking forward to bringing the Hulu experience to a wider audience. After all, these communities are home to people who are passionate about TV and film, just like all of us.

Enjoy the show, (Eric Yellin)

Last comment: Apr 9th 2010 10 Comments
  • Anthony says:

    I live in the U.S. and I’ve been watching hulu videos on IMDb for over a year now. For some reason i now get the error message: “The requested video cannot be displayed in your region” when trying to view a video. What’s happening? Can anyone help me get around this error? Thanks Anthony.

  • um says:

    What do you think free means. You watch for FREE. Just like tv – with ads. Come on.

  • Zak says:

    I have just recently started using Hulu and it is great. It has made it so much easier to watch my favorite shows as well as find new shows that i have been unable to watch due to the time they are on and that fact i never got to watch them in the first place. For example i was browsing through the tv shows when i stumbled upon the show ” New Amsterdam” and i cant get enough. This brings me to my main point, when i go out i want to be able watch my shows when im not at a computer. I do have an ipod touch which would allow be to access the internet including Hulu but i dont have the required plugins to watch the videos. There are other websites like youtube and break that have made ipod touch/phone versions of their sites. This should be applied to Hulu I believe it would greatly increase the popularity and use of the site. Im not sure of what the legal actions are regarding to apple but Hulu should definately make an effort in this direction.

  • Slevi says:

    Nice to see hulu spread out like this, it’s good to see a free television incentive like this which is so inline with the current web standards.

    It’s a bit unfortunate though that the majority of web users get to see nothing more than “The requested video cannot be displayed in your region”. Let’s hope Hulu can overcome that obstacle one day and become one of the best things since sliced bread :).

  • David Oates says:

    Congrats! Now what’s a guy gotta do to get additional seasons of the original Adam-12 series on Hulu?

  • Dana says:

    More than a tenth of the population in the U.S. uses closed captioning, but Hulu.com doesn’t provide information on its site about how to find the few videos it does show with captions. Please come up with a system to find closed captioned videos on Hulu.com to avoid frustrating all the people who really, really want to be able to view online videos with captioning. And please caption more of them (but if you don’t tell us where the captioned videos are, we can’t find them.)

    Also, you might want to ask staff at NCAM.org if there’s an easier way to import closed captions into the online videos.

  • eric says:

    As good as it is to get the word out how about viewing Hulu… On my TV!

    Seriously, especially when HD content rolls out, there needs to be a cheap way or ways to view hulu on my tv. AppleTV, xbox, roku, etc. Start using those industry backers to turn this thing mainstream. Please!

  • Warren says:

    Bring it to the people who really love tv and movies. Make a plugin for the different media center flavors :)

  • Carol Roberts says:

    Although I’m delighted to learn of your plan for world domination ;-) at the same time I find it ironic that I can’t load a single video on your site today. I’m having no trouble loading other Web pages. What’s up?


  • Michael Forester says:

    Love the content distribution… but when you say “so that users around the web can watch their favorites, anytime, for free, at their favorite sites.” What do you mean for free? Free of commercials or will there still be required ads? Thanks Michael.