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Time to Say Goodbye

May 16th, 2008 by Jason Nellis Content Partner Manager

This week marks the season finales for two shows that are big here at Hulu’s headquarters: The Office and My Name is Earl.

I’ve been addicted to The Office ever since a friend showed me the DVDs from season two. It is one of those rare shows that combines outrageous humor with real human emotion. Between the brilliant talent of its writers and the incredible ability of its cast, I’m constantly surprised to see where it will go next. As far as I’m concerned, Steve Carrell is one of the great comedians of his generation.

Traditional sitcoms have their standard stories, delivery and dialogue. Dramas have constantly changing landscape. The Office really takes the best of both and makes it something new. It’s what makes the series so unique, and one of the few shows that not only survived the recent writer’s strike, but also thrived afterward.

Without giving away too much, The Office season finale involves an office party — and we all know how Dunder Mifflin parties turn out:

My Name is Earl is another staple in our queues. After three seasons of watching Earl scratch items off his karma list — despite all sorts of obstacles — we were rooting for Earl and Billie (Alyssa Milano), his new love interest. Unfortunately, married life hasn’t been easy for Earl, and the season finale shows Earl giving all his attention to the list, much to his bride’s dismay. Of course, Earl’s always had trouble with women, especially his ex, Joy:

We’re looking forward to the next season of Michael Scott snafus and Earl Hickey karmic moments. If you are, too, subscribe to the shows. New episodes will be added to your queue as soon as they’re available on Hulu — and you won’t miss a single Schrute-ism.

Jason Nellis

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  • Don Box says:

    I just wanted to say “thanks” to a great site, but no contact info was linked, so I’ll use the blog.


    I didn’t miss my fix of Battlestar Galactaca due to my weird schedule change. All is well.

  • John says:

    I do not actually care about these shows. I love the fact that hulu has the first and second seasons of Highlander, but I think it is time to put more in.

  • llihak says:

    The Office is the only show worse than Seinfeld and Friends. Maybe Gilligans Island is worse, but it’s close.

  • Brad Davis says:

    Two words….West wing!!!

  • Scott says:

    I’d really like Hulu to work with Armed Forces Network to allow some type of registration for military personnel and their families overseas.

    The Armed Forces Network does get free content from the major networks, but most of the shows are shown months after being aired in the US.

    There are a number of quality shows on television these days and by serving overseas we’re missing out on this content.

    For advertisers, we get paid in US dollars and buy things online or through the commissary or Exchange system all the time. We would endure commercials for the opportunity to see great content.

  • vladimir998 says:

    Does anyone know why the 9th episode (aired on May 16, 2008) of Battlestar Galactica isn’t posted? I was really looking forward to that!

  • Jake Paulson says:

    Where is the new episode of Battlestar Galactica?!