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The China Earthquake: How You Can Help

May 16th, 2008 by Jason Kilar CEO

On Monday, a massive, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southwestern China’s Sichuan province. With official death tolls currently over 19,500 — with 30,000 more reported missing — reports of the devastation continue as rescue workers reach the most affected areas.

With an office in China, this particular tragedy struck home for the team at Hulu. We’d like to take a moment to recognize the disaster and also offer ways that we all can support in the relief effort.

Organizations such as the Red Cross and Mercy Corps are working to provide critical supplies — including water, food, milk and shelter items — as well as resources for longer-term recovery and reconstruction efforts in the region.

If you wish to help, you can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting any of the following sites:

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the tragedy.

Jason (),
Hulu CEO

Last comment: May 18th 2008 3 Comments
  • Kelly says:

    WTF? How off-topic is this? Why don’t you post something about why Battlestar Galactica s4 ep 9 hasn’t been posted yet? Or why the rumor is that instead of being posted the next day it will be posted a week from now? Have you read the comments? Some official explanation would be nice. Until then, I just watched via an alternative source, and will probably continue to do that since it’s posted almost immediately after airing. So much for a great website, hulu sux.

  • typd says:

    bless China

  • Yuancheng says:

    Thx for all the things hulu has done for the relief of this huge tragedy of China. It’s awesome and sweet.