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Here comes Speed Racer

May 8th, 2008 by Robert Schildhouse Content Acquisition

As the Wachowskis’ Day-Glo take on Speed Racer hits theaters this weekend, we’re happy to welcome the original Speed Racer — along with Trixie, Spritle, Chim-Chim and Rex Racer — to the Hulu family.

One of the first successful anime series to cross over to the U.S. from Japan, Speed Racer got its start in the late 1960s and stuck around in syndication for nearly 20 years. Many of us here at Hulu caught the series when it made a comeback on MTV in the ’90s (and later on the Cartoon Network), and can’t wait to see how the Wachowskis’ version holds up to the original.

To catch up on Speed Racer’s roots, tune into any of our 13 episodes — with more on the way — to see Speed and his Mach 5 outmaneuver spies, motorcycle gangs and other bad guys with the help of his family and friends. Full of zany humor and lots of revved-up action, one of our favorites is The Race Against the Mammoth Car, a two-part episode complete with homing robots, rotary saws and $50 million in gold bars.

The two-part Race for Revenge stars a brother and sister who are out to beat Speed:

While the original Speed Racer series may not have the CGI and special effects of the Wachowski flick, the fast-paced story lines and vintage anime action can’t be beat. Still craving more Speed? Subscribe to the series to have episodes placed in your queue as they’re added to the site. Turn on queue alerts and we’ll even send an e-mail to let you know when new Speed Racer episodes have arrived in your queue.

Go Speed Racer, go!



Last comment: May 21st 2008 4 Comments
  • Priscilla says:

    The Wachowski Bros. could not have done a better job with this movie! They captured every nuance of the classic Anime show. Kudos Guys! I rarely buy DVD’s (much to my daughter’s chagrin)but I can’t wait for this one to hit the stores! Heck, I’ll even buy it brand new at an outrageous price; and that, my new friends, speaks volumes!!!!!!
    ~She Who is Very Happy About The Speed Racer Movie

  • patrick says:

    The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer… the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard

  • Nikola says:

    Oldie but goldie :) Loved it.

  • Will says:

    Thanks for the Speed Racer episodes. Please show all 52 episodes. Plus can you get the Incredible Hulk and Iron man from the 60’s and 70’s cartoon that will be cool. Keep up the good work.