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It must be the Playoffs…

May 2nd, 2008 by Robert Schildhouse Content Acquisition

Though Hulu’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, most of us call another city home. We are usually too busy to notice this subtle fact, though lately a wave of hometown pride has taken our office by storm. With the Playoffs for both the NBA and NHL in full swing and the best of both leagues battling it out on the hardwood and ice, the competitiveness and trash talking in the office is building to a crescendo only rivaled by the annual Hulu Ping Pong Tournament. With Round 2 kicking off in both leagues, we are excited to feature full games throughout the Playoffs:

as well as classic Playoff games from past seasons.

Also, make sure to check out daily new videos covering all of last night’s NBA and NHL Playoff action. While you are at it, share videos through your Facebook and MySpace pages with your fellow fans, or e-mail clips to your friends to remind them they were rooting for the wrong team.

This is the best time of year for Sports fans, and hopefully we can help ignite your office rivalries, too.

Go Cavs,
Robert (robert.schildhouse@hulu.com),
Hulu Cleveland Homer

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