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Hulu goes Green

April 22nd, 2008 by Betina Chan-Martin Product Manager

Today, we celebrate the 28th Annual Earth Day. We’ve scoured our content to bring you our greenest content in the “Green is Universal” collection. This collection features episodes from one of my favorite environmentally focused shows Big Ideas for a Small Planet to more comedic episodes gathered from our most popular shows such as the “Greenzo” episode from 30 Rock.

Global warming is a complex problem, but though some disagreement of its impact remains, most experts agree it is largely a man-made problem. All week, we will be bringing you content to remind you of the Earth’s fragility and how our awareness and involvement can help. Shows like Eco Biz and Big Ideas for a Small Planet show how businesses around the world are changing to better the environment.

You may not need to threaten your co-workers with a wasp-hive for parking in a reserved-for-carpoolers spot, but there are things you can do around the house and at work to reduce your individual carbon emissions. Check out Fox’s “Green it. Mean it.” page which consists of clips with environment-friendly ideas. Carrying a tote bag to the super market and using the internet to pay your bills are just two of the simple changes that can form a lightweight green checklist.

Share a clip and help spread the word this Earth Day!


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Last comment: Apr 30th 2008 2 Comments
  • Ben says:

    Hulu is slacking on adding movies. Ya’ll need to pick up the pace. Its getting to be one of those sites that is the same ole thing.

  • Tim Lemons says:

    GREAT IDEA!!!!

    I’m sure someone there has already thought of this but… You guys should get with apple and see if you could get some kind of built in browser like youtube has on Apple Tv’s. Man that would be the perfect marriage. Hulu and Apple TV.