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Three Sheets Season 3 Premiere: A Hulu exclusive

April 2nd, 2008 by Alex Kruglov Content Acquisition

As a group, the Hulu team watches a disproportionately high number of TV shows and movies, but we still find that Hulu introduces us to surprising new programs all the time. One of my favorite discoveries is Three Sheets, in which comedian and liquor connoisseur Zane Lamprey travels around the world and samples the drinking culture of his host countries. He may have the world’s best job!

In the first two seasons, Zane downed unfiltered beer in Belgium, sampled snake blood in Taipei, and convinced a champagne lover to chug a glass of Cristal in France.

Season 3 of Three Sheets premieres on MOJO on April 10th, but starting today you can watch the first episode exclusively at Hulu.com for one week. On his first trip this season, Zane Lamprey travels to Chile to try and drink the locals under the table.

After you’ve drunk your fill of red wine made from carménère grape (grown only in Chile), downed a few Picso Sours, and sampled your fair share of blonde beers, check out some other cool shows from MOJO including Wall Street Warriors, Pressure Cook, and King of Miami.

The Zane Lamprey of Hulu happy hours, (alex.kruglov@hulu.com),

Last comment: Mar 26th 2013 16 Comments
  • stroneczka says:

    Real vast layout and also superb subject matter, only just further clothes we need: D.

  • Hey!I manna be the host of three Sheets!can you let us know when there might be a casting? i would be so lucky!

  • zimri says:

    i was hoping u might get quantum leap and angel on here and also some more Buffy the vampire slayer would be nice season 3 was the best season thanks for making this possible i work most the times these shows u have on here r on thanks for making i could watch them all on 1 web site.

  • NGGurton says:

    I agree to an extent, with some of the comments that others have already made. Hulu is a good source for quality television and film. And has the potential to become a model of what the internet was supposed to be Because I work alone, late at night, Hulu provides me the opportunity to watch programs I’ve enjoyed over the years, and ones I usually miss out on now. But similar to many of the major broadcasters’ and cable networks websites, you have more Program and Movie Clips than Full Episodes and Feature Films. But if they were available, it would inspire me to return to Hulu, probably on a daily basis. But I’m sure you have your hands full with Hollyweird and the television industry, convincing them to make ithem available to you, or to us, for free. We all know its all about money, don’t we? I hope Hulu doesn’t fall into that trap in the future. Because honestly, it’s getting to the point where very soon I’ll stop watching all together, I’ll stop seeing the internet as a resource for such entertainment, and go back to reading books. They’re equally if not more enjoyable, not to mention a better use of my free time and money.

  • Christian K says:

    @ Maoz

    Completely agree, right now Hulu is just frustrating. Are they even planning to add more full seasons or is this just going to be a clip site? And if so, Youtube does it better.

  • Millstone says:

    You really need a formalized feedback system. That said, I’ve watched all of season one of Bones. When will you get the next couple of seasons? Also, can you put Battlestar Galactica’s Razor on?

  • Maoz says:

    When are we going to be able to enjoy full seasons (including the first season) of popular shows like Heroes?

    Is Hulu meant to just be a promotional platform for shows to hike up DVD sales?

  • Duncan says:

    Hulu is the best thing since sliced bread; I have two hearing aids because I have become very very deaf and even with the aids, regular TV is hard to hear; even a real movie theater can be a problem. But I have a special Streamer unit to listen to my laptop with my Oticon Epoch hearing aids and Hulu is perfect. The Sreamer also has Bluetooth so I can hook up to my cell phone. My favorite show is Bones but I enjoyed Raines and Firefly and Hulu is like a video candy store for me. Keep up the great work.

  • titan says:

    Erald you can already do searches by recently updated by full length movies and full episodes only.
    It’s under recently added>type>tv episodes/feature films

    I don’t care about exclusive content as much as regularly updated content of current/new tv shows and new movies added at least weekly.
    I would like to see some tv shows with more then just a random season at least the latest season, or the 1st season with the following seasons added later.

    I would love to have my queue play in sequence in full screen or an option to just play an entire season in full screen one after another.
    also a LiveTV or MyTV where you can just press play and it plays a random show or shows that you may like.

    but brian is right about the pop over adds. If that gets any worse i’ll have to find somewhere else to watch.

  • Erald Coil says:

    I was looking for a place to leave feedback, and so far this is all I’ve found. So far…

    Three Sheets looks ok, and there are a lot of other great shows on Hulu, and I agree with Legion; I’m also very happy to have embedded video to watch! My request for Hulu is to streamline the search/sort features of the site. I’d like to be able to see all videos sorted by most recently added, same for movies vs. tv, same for each genre. Also would be nice to have a way to do these searches for full episodes only.

    All in all, Hulu is a fantastic site! I just wish I could make it more regular-user-friendly as opposed to first-time-user-friendly. y’know…?

  • Brian Trosko says:

    You guys are already screwing this up. 15 second commercials, one at a time, every 15 minutes or so? I can live with that. It’s inoffensive, acceptable, and I’m willing to put up with that to watch shows.

    Pop-up DirecTV logos that obscure the program I’m watching and force me to click on them to get them to go away? No thanks. That’s the kind of thing where I’ll just go back to Youtube and BitTorrent. You’ve got a good thing going here, don’t screw it up with intrusive ads.

  • Matt says:

    @ Legion Joost have said they also will have embeddable content in a browser and also their player for better quality video and interactive functions like chat .

    My point is that is someone is going to give us an exclusive give it to us early and lots of it .

    Joost for example had the whole series of Comedy Centrals Stella 3 weeks before it aired on broadcast TV .Comedy Central is owned by Viacom and Viacom is an investor in Joost

    You would think with HULUs relationship with FOX and NBC/Universal(they own HULU) they could promote one of their shows for the coming season in this manner instead of one episode of a Series that’s available elsewhere .

  • Legion says:

    @ Matt

    The problem with Joost and sites like Veoh is you have to download there player or program in most cases to watch the videos. So aside from Quick Time, Realplayer, Windows Media Player, Win Amp, Dell Musicmatch Jukebox, it’s one more player that we don’t really need on our computers.

    I dl’d veoh, and the next day my motherboard went out on my previous computer. The computer wouldn’t load properly because it wanted to open veoh upon starting up.

    I prefer embeddable content only, that way I can watch it without having to start another program.

    I’m just gonna throw a show title out here that you guys might not have thought of…

    Street Hawk

    get that show please. lolz Just look it up and remember the opening intro.

  • Sandra Umphrey says:

    Thanks for hulu… !!!!!!!! This is wonderful. Awesome. fantastic!

  • Megan D says:

    I think it’s awesome you guys are making Hulu possible. I am deaf myself and I was amazed at how some shows were captioned.

    Why are some captioned while others aren’t? I am trying to find information on Hulu.com about its terms of use with captioning.

    Is there a way you could also advertise that you caption some episodes so I don’t have to click away at different links finding ones that are captioned?

    Thank you for making this possible for deaf viewers!

  • Matt says:

    The series is also on Joost …..come up with something more exclusive HULU and give us more than one episode and us jaded IPTV viewers might find it interesting .