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Welcome to Hulu

March 12th, 2008 by Jason Kilar CEO

Hulu Goes Live

1:46 A.M. – Launch!

In these short 18 weeks since we began private beta testing, we’ve been working hard to kick the tires and check under the hood in preparation of opening the doors to our site. With well over 10,000 pieces of user feedback, we’ve heard your suggestions, comments, criticisms and praise. Today we are excited to leave our private beta and open Hulu.com to everyone in the U.S.. Our streaming video service is free – anyone in the U.S. with a broadband internet connection and a computer can just press play to enjoy.

We’ve also made significant additions to our content line-up. With the help of over 50 top content providers such as FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony and Warner Bros., we’ve more than quadrupled the number of shows in our library, and on top of that, we’ve added 100 full-length movies. Hulu offers full-length episodes of not only current hit shows like The Simpsons and The Office but also classics like The Incredible Hulk, Miami Vice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in some cases, as with Arrested Development, Firefly, and Friday Night Lights, we have every episode ever aired. Our expanded library of full-length movies has something for everyone, from The Usual Suspects to The Big Lebowski, Me, Myself & Irene, Mulholland Drive and (one of my personal favorites) Three Amigos!.

While we’re excited about the progress we’ve made during the last 18 weeks, we are well aware that we’ve got a long way to go in our mission to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium content. As a frustrated media consumer myself at times, I know we still have much work ahead of us before we can confidently say that we are bringing all the great content that is out there to users on their terms. It won’t happen overnight, but I’m optimistic about the progress we’ve made so far and will continue to make. We’ll work closely with our content partners to bring you the best collection of premium videos on the web, and we’ll continue to develop and leverage technology to make media truly easy for you. Your feedback has been critical in shaping the Hulu service, and we look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. For a longer and more eloquent description of the kind of company we aspire to be and the kind of ragtag crew we are, check out the personal blog of Hulu’s own Eugene Wei. He has a way with words, that Eugene.

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  • Tim Kreitler says:

    What’s up? Does anyone know any free app that can stop access to certain pages? Thanks

  • memes says:


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  • ps3 mkv says:

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    […]Welcome to Hulu « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Rebecca H. says:

    We have Naruto and plenty of other anime. Check out hulu.com/anime for our full lineup.

  • Tatesjourney says:

    Does anyone know if hulu will start having Naruto episodes or any other cool anime?

  • cidum says:

    I’m using..great thing!

  • tech says:

    Congratulations! Realy good work

  • julia says:

    i’m hard of hearing… i’m so happy to see a few that have closed caption… please put more “closed caption” on most of all shows/movies… that will be great for people who can actually enjoy the shows/movies on this hulu.com website… Hulu.com workers, please keep going on closed caption. :)

  • Chuck says:


    “Robert Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 02:55 AM Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration, Media Center Integration…. i Can’t say it enough.”

    What he said.

  • Jerome says:

    very impressive! hope the service would be avaiable in the Netherlands soon.

  • redreduniver says:

    them. damage I never will never having and dream. as a sapling I’d hoped

  • MJ Inman says:

    I,ve tried to join for 30 minutes, I have been sent to twenty different screening/register sites. Then it says, my email is not valid, it is valid! What’s the problem with your site?! We (my daughter and I) just wanted to watch “DIRT” episodes!

  • gordho says:

    PS3. Really, it just needs to support it. Grab Sony by the meat jangles and tell them to update Flash…..or find a work around.

  • jon says:

    Why must there be movie clips of movies not available? I never watch them and they dont get me to purchase any product. And by the way I use you because your service is free. Remember that you make your money on advertising. Please provide as much content as possible, That will make the site better, nothing else, please don’t assume anything else. I have used google since it’s beginning because they provided a great product then and they have continued to improve their services for their customers. Try to do the same.

  • Bill says:

    This is 1 awsome site thanks for having it as im at this time have no tv. One show i dont and would love is the origanol Knight Rider. please see if you can get it. thanks again for a great site

  • Tyler says:

    i would just like to say that i like what you have done and you had a great idea for setting up the site. If possible see if you can get some anime such as Naruto on here it would appeal to teens and would help the growth of your site.

  • Melia says:

    But WHY?! Or why is Hulu not available outside of US?!!!

    And WHEN?! Or when will Hulu be coming out to show Expats long missed shows!!?

    We need a fix of Saturday Night Live as much as we need a new president, good service and filtered coffee!

    Please come to the rest of the world soon!!

  • Drew says:

    When will Hulu be available on the smart phones/pocket pc’s?
    That is when you will have me sold and maybe even out promoting for you.

  • Justin says:

    Thank you for Hulu…it is exactly the type of website that I imagine will stomp out network TV (which is bad anyways)…however I must submit feedback about the way the “commercials” play during movies…it kind turned me off. Like, one at the start and one at the end great, perhaps an animated watermark in the lower corner? Fine. But stopping during scenes…baaaad. And can we synch up the air dates? I mean, I know the networks don’t want to loose the edge, but can the lag time get lower? Oh, and is there any way to expand the collections? Like the entire Simpsons series? Oh, and Futurama? Please? I would pay for a premium membership to stuff like, that…if $$$ for royalties is the issue.

  • Dennis says:

    How often do the selections of movies and shows get changed? If this is all there is to this website what you have posted here to watch it’s unlikely i keep interest in coming here

  • Ole says:

    Well, guys just want to say if “you” or the Network really plan to keep this going, the whole hulu.com thing.

    You sould seriosly consider to put more current stuff online.
    I mean some Shows dont even have any kind of episodes like “Futurama”, and other shows are just 2months old.

    It is still running on tv like Bionic Woman or Terminator but our last video is moths ago.

    Also movies at not that much on this page.

    There are acutally a lot “illegal” sites online with a lot more stuff.

    Really hope you going to do something about the “emtieness” of hulu.

    best Ole

  • Steven says:

    I’m hoping to enjoy my first movie.

  • Robert says:

    I was in on the Beta and was happy for months. Now that your open I get massive buffering issues, your video for the ads are fine (guessing those are served up by and ad service) but the video you have just stutters like no tomorrow. I suggest that you get a caching service like akimai or limelight. Its cheaper than having your own server and perfect for a site like yours.

  • EC says:

    Love the site.
    You guys NEED to add the movie Idiocracy, or at least some clips. Everybody at our office loves that movie.

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