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March 5th, 2008 by Ju-Djuin Tran Corporate Communications

Can’t live without your dose of celebrity fashion, news and red carpet events? Whether it’s an interview with Oscar nominated actress, Ellen Page or web exclusives from American Idol contestants, Access Hollywood has you covered. Also, E! News Now provides the latest roundup on celebrity gossip from Britney Spears’ paparazzi crazed life to Grammy winning singer Rihanna’s secret tips to staying sexy.

TV Guide Specials brings you double the celebrity coverage on pop culture news, buzz-worthy shows and celebrity trends. Check out behind the scenes at Eva Longoria Parker’s recent photo shoot for IN STYLE magazine to the Knight Rider premiere at the Playboy Mansion.

Still not enough celebrity dish? Celebrity Interviews reveals the inside scoop on today’s hottest stars in the Hollywood circuit. See Jimmy Kimmel getting ready to celebrate his 1000th show.

Hulu Gossip Girl

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  • Jim Ganglion says:

    Hulu is such a great platform for those of us who have decided to get away from the cable box world and move completely online. I dropped my cable provider 5 months ago and am really pleased with the transition. without hulu it wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks guys!

  • JK says:

    I would imagine that I am not your typical Hulu user. I am a senior citizen and would love to see some soaps. Full episodes. I can’t watch them during the day and would love to see them during the night at my convenience.
    I hate taping or DVR because of commercails. I know they pay the bills, but they drive me nuts.
    Also, cable is getting too expensive. We seniors have to watch our pennies.
    Great job. I am sure there are many improvements to come in the future.

  • Gary Schein says:

    What happened to The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Since it has been unaired anywhere else for over 10 years, It was a pleasure to watch these old classic episodes. I also LOVE Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, WKRP in Cincinatti, and I’d like to see more episodes of Paradise Hotel, because I currently do not get Fox’s Reality channel. The WWE wrestling clips are OK, but the best stuff was the whole matches with the vintage wrestlers that you guys don’t have (but I do, I originally taped them live with my betamax, and they still play great) like Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff, and Crusher Verdu vs George (the animal) Steele, or Pedro Morales vs Black Jack Mulligan (who was famous for the “Iron Claw”). On a lot of these classic matches Vince McMahon Jr. who was just starting out back then, was the announcer. The WWE should definately release these old matches, just to show today’s wrestling fans what it was like back then, because if it weren’t for these classic wrestlers, there would be no WWE today as we know it. I wonder how many fans would love to see The Rock’s father (Rocky Johnson) wrestling in his prime. Believe me, these files are probably buried in the WWE archives. I say that it’s definately time to dust them off, put a good sample onto HULU, and then offer complete (unedited) DVDS of some of these classic events (in their entirety) for sale. I mean honestly, there must be thousands of other wrestling fans besides me who’d love to see these great classic wrestlers again, and it would definately re-spark their interest in watching the NEW BREED of wrestlers in the WWE of Today.

  • Techguy says:

    WOW this web site is so rad I like to see things like this happen on the web. GO HULU

  • Roy Kull says:

    I want to see “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” again.
    Robin Leach knew how to let us share in the celebrity glamour!

  • Angi Amerson says:

    I just wanted to let ya’ll know I have been with Hulu since, the beta testing and I am so impressed with the formatting and the ease of use. It’s really nice to be able to see shows that I probably never would have watched. I am a huge fan of bones now and that’s a show I wouldn’t or couldn’t watch because, it interferred with another.
    I am fan of Celebrity Apprentice and that was a show I abhorred and I am a found my way home fan of Medium. What is so great about Hulu is that even, if you go to the sight of the show you will not always find full episodes or the series as a whole to catch up on. There are shows that had I only seen a clip or had I only watched one episode I would not see again.
    Adding the movies was great too:) I would like to see more of those granted the ones I watch I already have but, some are on vhs and I went oh, I wonder if I have that on DVD and with the new DVD format coming out kudos it renewed my interest:D

  • John says:

    HuLu, your doing a great job! And looks like a great bunch of people working there (nice pic.)
    Also thanks for allowing me to be part of the beta testing while it was in beta.

    Keep up the great work. I been doing my part of spreading the word.

    Take care you all :)

  • Harry Andrews says:

    I appsolutely loved watching Airwolf again, just like old times. I also have a request, anyboby for The Blacksheep, now that would be Great!!!

  • Ac says:

    Just was reading about the hulu going public in yesterdays edition of USA Today. Thought why not check it out. Will place hulu on my sites for others to view.

    Great idea and wonderful work KUDOS!!! to the entire hulu staff!!!

    Thanks Ac

  • Marshall says:

    I love this sight! Now, because of hulu, I have a good reason to build a media PC and add it to my home theater. Thanks and good luck… Can hardly wait for hi-def content

  • David F. Black says:

    Am doing my research for doctorate on internet marketing and this hulu.com is a great innovation. I agree with previous post it has the potential to innovate commercial free tv like sat radio on a subscription basis. Perhaps sci fi with shows like Serenity and Original Flash Gordon and Old Superman Shows and corny old sci fi B movies would be a great place to start. I personally am tired of all the tv ads. Pretty soon all there will be is reality tv for the economics of low productions costs and union free participants and no more quality shows with some real acting in them. Come on hulu start a subscription version for us purists out there that like or sci fi on a 24/7 basis and of course don’t forget the soapers either. Soapers and sci fiers are trend setters. W/we rule. :)

  • Ah que merda, não funciona no Brasil. Assim fica fácil para o Iutubi.

  • Doug says:

    Dear Hulu,

    Cable TV is saturated with commercials, it’s expensive and the content is often poor. Even using a DVR, FFwding passed commercials is still an annoying, unhappy disservice.

    I like what Hulu is doing and enjoy your service, however, I have a few suggestions, that if you could accommodate, would allow me to cancel my cable service and use Hulu exclusively.

    1) I enjoy the occasional movie but more often watch the news. Particularly the election results and political prognostication from the likes of MSNBC’s Chris Mathews, Kieth Olbermann, Tuker, CNN 360 and CSPAN.

    2) I would like you to offer a paid subscription alternative to the commercial model you now offer.

    3) With the advance of broadband, would you able to offer HD video, suitable for display on a big screen TV?

    Many thanks,


  • Smitty says:

    I really like the idea of Hulu. I think the main reason people don’t watch shows of NBC.com or others is because the video player has flaws. The flaw that really turned me off the NBC.com player (and could be an issue with the Hulu player) is that there’s no buffering. Not everyone has T1 internet speeds. Usually when I want to watch something I’ll pause it at the beginning then come back later so I can watch the entire clip uninterrupted. If there’s no buffering here, I may as well torrent the episodes…

  • RKnight says:

    Hulu you are the best thing to come along since ICQ first hit the web. Keep up the great work! I wish there was a forum for the test so we could list all the TV episodes and made for TV episodes we want to have available online to watch on demand. I personally vote for more scify junkie episodes, and the limited comertial stand you have chosen. I find myself more and more running from TV because of the amount of the add’s. 100% love the idea……………. !